Wednesday, October 19, 2011

David Falcon Interview #2 with Mercedes KV

Mercedes KV

One of the most popular Falcon Joshi Blog posts of the past six months was my May 29 interview with New England wrestler, Mercedes KV.  She is one of the most beautiful and talented young women on the wrestling scene, but for reasons related to work and challenging family commitments, she has not been able to wrestle much outside of 150 mile radius from Boston.  Hopefully that will be changing as this beautiful, fiery wrestler sets her sights on SHIMMER and beyond.

DF:  Tell us about your summer. Did you achieve your wrestling goals this summer? What was the highlight of your summer in the ring?

MKV:  I enjoyed the summer with a busy wrestling schedule in New England. I had shows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire. But one of the highlights was having the opportunity to go out of the area and wrestle in Nashville, TN, at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling (MLW). I met some incredible people there and it was a personal goal of mine to be able to wrestle outside of New England.

DF:   It seems like you are getting a more media exposure. Are you getting more invitations to wrestle outside New England? If so, what determines whether you take the offer or not?

MKV:  I am very excited to wrestle outside of the New England area. So far, I was able to go to MLW and I will be going to North Carolina in November. The biggest challenge right now is juggling my other work schedule, can I get the time off and make it back in time to cover my shift at 6 am.
Mercedes KV greets the fans

DF:  Do you enjoy promoting yourself on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, website)? Do you think that wrestlers who promote themselves on the Internet have an advantage?

MKV:  I sure don’t! lol I wish I could pay someone to do it for me haha. I had to have a friend help me set up my YouTube and Twitter account (which I still don’t know how to use) Follow me on Twitter anyway! @MercedesKV J.  I think people who promote themselves have a huge advantage. Look at Mia Yim.  I think that girl does one hell of a job.  I wish I could be more like her. 

DF:  I noticed you traveled to Tennessee to do the MLW tapings. How did that go? Did you have a favorite match?
MKV:  I was so nervous doing MLW but I had a really good time and met a lot of great people. Can’t say I had a favorite match; I was too nervous.
Mercedes KV acknowledges her fans
DF:  Is it weird wrestling for a video camera with no live audience in the room? How does that affect your emotions and intensity when you wrestle?  

MKV:  You always have to turn it on, no matter what. That's the way I look at it.

DF:  You seem to be in amazing physical shape. What are your diet rules? What is your workout program? Do you do cardio and strength training?

MKV:  I try to eat clean as much as possible. I find workouts online and pick and choose what I feel like doing that day.

DF:  Do you find any challenges balancing personal life and the demands of an Indy wrestling schedule? What are the biggest challenges?

MKV:  My biggest challenge is taking care of my brother with disabilities; nobody understands what I go through with him.
MKV flashes her Million $ smile

DF:  Are you a person with faith in God? Do you attend church regularly? Is it difficult to have deep ties to your faith community and also be a wrestler? Tell us why.

MKV:   Yes, I am. I attend church Wednesday and Sunday. I’m part of my church dance group lol. It is only difficult to be a wrestler in my church family if I allow it to be.

DF:  Tell us a story about your high school years. Something that tells us what you were like in high school.

MKV:  I went to an online school! I’m a loser lol!

DF:  You are definitely NOT a loser!  Are you still in school or working outside of wrestling? What are you focused on when you're not in the ring? 

MKV:  I work a lot, too much. I have three jobs right now trying to save up. I only focus on wrestling; it’s the only thing I ever think about.

DF:   There was some discussion five months ago about your name – Mercedes. Everyone who follows indy wrestling knows Mercedes Martinez. If promotions had a problem with booking you and Mercedes Martinez for the same show (because they fear audience or marketing confusion – or because they feel it is disrespectful of the star wrestler), would you agree to change your name?

MKV:  Yes!
Mercedes in an intergender match

DF:   Your regular opponent (and friend) Luscious Latasha went out on a limb and asked REINA if she could come and work for them. They said "yes" and she spent two months wrestling in Japan. Can you see yourself doing that? Is Japan your dream destination for wrestling, or would you rather travel somewhere else?  

MKV:  Absolutely, It has always been one of my goals to wrestle in Japan. That’s one of my dreams. I want to wrestle anywhere wrestling takes me.

DF:   Apart from WWE and TNA, is there one indy promotion in the USA that you would love to work for but you haven't had the chance yet? If so, which one?

MKV:  Shimmer!!! 

DF:   What upcoming match are you looking forward to the most? How can your fans see it?

MKV:  All my matches this weekend. I have Chaotic wrestling this Friday:  Alexxis & Scotty Slade vs. Mercedes KV and a mystery partner and Sunny is the ref. I have NEFW on Saturday:  Mercedes KV vs. Ivy. Then on Sunday I have NECW:  Mercedes KV vs. Mistress Belmont.  Next month I’m going to North Carolina to wrestle Mia Svensson fun! Fun!
Mercedes KV flying high against Taeler Hendrix

DF:  What are your goals for 2011-12 as a wrestler? What can we look for from Mercedes KV in the future?

MKV:  My goals?  I would love to go to SHIMMER and just keep on traveling and wrestling in new places!

DF:  I think you are an amazing talent and a very sweet person. Thank you for taking time to do this interview with me.  Best of luck with all your goals and dreams.  Is there anything you would like to say to your fans before you go?

MKV:  No, thank you! To all the fans out there’s a lot more to come from Mercedes KV!

MKV in an outdoor match this summer


  1. Was the question about her faith in God necessary? I found that to be a bit too personal and unrelated to the overall theme of your interview.

  2. Charles, I always tell my interview subjects that they do not have to answer any question they feel uncomfortable answering. MKV had made references on social media to her personal faith and her connection with her church community, so I thought it was something she did not mind talking about. Besides,I try to ask some questions that other interviewers don't ask.