Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-S Upset Canadian Ninjas to Win SHIMMER Tag Belts

SHIMMER Tag Champs:  Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata are 3-S
All photos by David Falcon
Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto are 3-S

Late in 2007, just as the old Jd' Promotion was folding, two rookies debuted: Misaki Ohata from Sendai and Hiroyo Matsumoto from Tokyo.  They went to S-Ovation after Jd' closed.  Misaki began training with the great mat genius Markiko Yoshida and the bigger Hiroyo began training with Aja.  In the four years that have followed, these two are among the most accomplished young wrestlers in Joshi Puroresu.  They are both great athletes and smart technical wrestlers.  Their size difference lends itself to a very different approach in the ring:  Misaki is a submission specialist like her mentor Markiko, but she can do some low flying cross body blocks as well.  Hiroyo is a large, dominant worker who has balletic agility and greco-roman power.  As a tag team they use their specialization in energetic and creative double-team moves.  They have had great experience in singles and in tag teams in Japan.  To date they have battled all the top joshi women as they freelance across various promotions.

Hiroyo Matsumoto makes ready

On the tenth match of SHIMMER tape #38 Misaki/Matsumoto, calling themselves 3-S, came out against the tag title holders Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez).  3-S had great lucha style masks and Hiroyo sported a rich black velvet robe.  A very cool look for them.  At intoductions, the streamers came out and the masks came off.  Everybody expected the Ninjas to win, but as the match wore on, 3-S skills became apparent -- their flawless understanding and teamwork.  They won the match after the Ninja's missed a Funky Cold Medina and Hiroyo rolled up Portia.  It was a delight to see the joy on their faces as they paraded around the ring with their new belts.

Ohata rolls out on the ring apron

On SHIMMER #38 3-S defeated the other new international tag team, Saraya and Britani, the Knight Dynasty!  The Knights were fantastic on the mic, but 3-S had the upper hand when it came to superior wrestling moves.  They retained the belts.

Sweet Saraya bars Ohata from making tag

On SHIMMER #39 3-S squared off against Nikki Roxx and Ariel.  After a hard hitting match wear Ohata took a lot of punishment (because of poor referee managemnt of the tags) Matsumoto finally got the win after a exploder suplex on Roxx.  The crowd is really popping for the energetic -- positive personalities -- of  Misaki and Matsumoto.

The Masked Hiroyo

On SHIMMER #40 3-S took on the International Heel team of Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa.  After a stunning match with eight or ten near falls, the heels won and took the belts off of the promising masks & smiles team of 3-S.
Matsumoto pounds Matthews in the corner

Hiroyo raises her belt!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


JAM-MIA:  Jamilia Craft and Mia Yim
All photos by David Falcon in high resolution
TAPE 39: Mia Yim/Jamilia Craft v Daizee Haze/Tomoka Nakagawa
Mia Yim reverses arm hold on Daizee Haze

Among the stellar attributes of the SHIMMER concept team is the way they build a taping – like a great band arranges an album or a concert – each song experience builds on or dialogues with the preceding one.  Such was the case on Sunday, March 27, at the Berwyn Eagles Club just west of Chicago.  The diminutive and deadly heel combination of Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa, an experienced team, took on young but talented East Coast team of Jamilia Craft and Mia Yim.  
Mia Yim whips Daizee into the ropes
Haze and Nakagawa came out first in their green/yellow/ black gear that has a Rastafarian echo.  The crowd booed lustily at their bad-to-the-bone attitude.  Then the music changed and the bouncy duo of Yim and Craft arrived on the scene – Jamilia in her trademarked black pants and top with turquoise and purple fringe accents – Mia wore her turquoise top, name-emblazoned white booty shorts and white kick pads (both with turquoise accents), and her black kneepads. The crowd pops for the youngsters.  After the ref checks the combatants’ gear, the bell rings to begin the match.
Mia unloads a double-missle drop kick on Haze and Nakagawa
Jamilia and Daizee square off, circling each other warily, with Mia and Tomoka outside the ropes on opposite corners.  Then teacher (Haze) and student (Craft) lock up.  Haze has the upper hand initially, but Craft recovers and attempts a sunset flip.  Jamilia now has control of Daizee's arm.  She pulls Haze into the corner and tags Mia.  Yim steps through the ropes and wrenches Haze’s arm, twisting it like a corkscrew.  Daizee cuts her off with a shot to the stomach that stuns Yim long enough for Haze to tag Nakagawa.  Tomoka charges at Yim, but Mia sidesteps her, and Craft hits Nakagawa with a forearm in the corner.  Tomoka then turns right into Yim's crisp arm drag. Mia keeps hold of the arm, pulls Nakagawa into the corner and tags Jamilia.  They step into a double team move:  Yim gives the Joshi heel a snapmare and stiff kick between the shoulder blades -- Craft hits the ropes into a front missle drop kick.  Craft then takes command of Nakagawa, but the sly Japanese heel pokes Craft in the eyes (right through the holes of her mask) to take control. 

Mia charges Daizee
Nakagawa tags Haze who comes barnstorming in and starts to beat up Jamilia.  Haze goes for a body slam, but Craft slips from her grip, sneaks behind, and tags Yim.  Mia now charges Daizee, Haze kicks her, then hits the ropes to unleash a yakuza kick, but Yim skips back and gives Haze a roundhouse kick instead.  Mia then focuses on Haze’s arm, ringing it out like a soaked beach towel.  Eventually she tags Jamilia and they set up a double-team move: Yim whips Haze off the ropes, Craft gives her a drop toe hold, Mia hits ropes for elbow, but Nakagawa trips her before she can execute the move. 

Nakagawa rolls Mia up for a school boy pin 1..2.. only 2!
 Haze and Nakagawa beat up Craft for an extended time; eventually they double whip her against the ropes, but Craft hits a double cross body block, bowling both heels over, then she reaches for Yim and makes the tag.  Mia barrels in with a whip clothesline for Nakagawa and a sharp elbow for Haze; she then drop kicks Nakagawa for good measure.  While Daizee checks on her partner’s status, Mia hits a neck breaker on the blonde waif, which inadvertently makes Haze give Nakagawa a DDT.  Yim goes for pin on Nakagawa, but the joshi star kicks out.  Haze then beats up on Yim and tries to throw her out of the ring, but Mia reverses the move and throws Haze out. 

Nakagawa and Yim trade forearm smashes
 Nakagawa goes for school boy pin on Mia but she kicks out.  The two stand in the middle of the ring and trade half a dozen forearms, each on the chin of the other – screaming with each delivery like Serena Williams pounding a groundstroke – Yim finally goes for her kick-me-goodnight finisher, but Nakagawa catches her leg and turns it into a textbook fisherman's suplex for the cover, 1 . . . 2 . . . and 3!  The crowd erupts out of their seats – half cheering the match, half booing the villains who were victorious over the promising young beauties from the Mid-Atlantic region.  
Nakagawa exultant after her fisherman's suplex finish on Mia Yim
It was a great learning experience for Mia Yim and Jamilia Craft to tangle with deeply experienced, clever rule-breakers like the international tag-team of Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa.  It was also a very big stage for Mia and Jamilia to have an eight-minute match – in prime time, as it were, with the best female wrestling fans midway through the Sunday afternoon card (Tape 39).  It was the first time Mia or Jamilia had wrestled a bona fide Joshi Puroresu star – and Nakagawa is certainly that – a great talent!  After the match the great Tomoka affirmed that Mia Yim was “very good” as a wrestler, giving her big smile and the thumbs-up sign!  Tomoka was most impressed by how stiff Mia’s strikes were – with both kicks and punches – and she praised her movement and thinking in the ring.  Jamilia looked equally strong and competent in the ring; she executed all her moves extremely well.  It was a breakout match for two young wrestlers with big dreams.  They got to take on two of the most experienced and respected stars and teachers in independent wrestling both here and in Japan, and they gave the crowd a great match.  It was what a fine wrestling match should be – a paradoxical mix between a ballet and the football line of scrimmage.  It was fluid and stiff, acrobatic and wild, strategic and passionate.  As Joey Eastman says, “Welcome to SHIMMER!” – welcome to big-time women’s wrestling, girls!  You’re a long way from the Philly Main Line and the Ring Road of D.C.; you’re in Chicago where you learn to bump or you’ll be singin’ the blues.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ayako Hamada vs Ayumi Kurihara

Here is a match between Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada from march 15, 2009, in japan. They will reprise this rivalry on Saturday, March 26, at SHIMMER.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mia Yim: SHIMMER Debut this weekend!

Mia Yim boots Svensson in her SPARKLE tag match

All Photos by David Falcon in high resolution (click to enlarge)

What an exciting time for Mia Yim: "I am truly blessed" she tweeted today.  Perhaps she was reflecting on a weekend that saw her compete in three different states (MA, NY, and NJ) with ROH and PWSun.  And now, after a week of college classes, she will be off to Berwyn Illinois, just west of Chicago, to make her SHIMMER debut.  It is not her Berwyn debut, that came last September when she was added to Dave Prazak's SPARKLE roster.  Mia had two matches last September, neither of which made the tapings.  The first was a tag match (Saturday, Sept. 11) where she teamed with Taylor Made and they took on Mia Svensson and Mena Libra.  Yim/Made got the victory.  On Sunday, Sept. 12, she took on Mia Svensson in singles.  Infamously losing the match, but breaking Svensson's rib in the process.  The bad blood hanging over that match was to be resolved today, March 20, at PWSun, but instead the plot thickened as Svensson stole a wine through deceit and Yim was disqualified for supposedly using a wrench to knock Svensson out (the Swede feigned unconsciousness and no blow was rendered by Yim).  It sounds like this may be a feud developing in PWSun.
Svensson gets the best of Yim in Match #2

Turning our attention to this big SHIMMER weekend.  One can expect Mia to wrestle at least three times and hopefully four times.  I can imagine two being tag matches and two being singles matches.  What opponents might Mia face in her SHIMMER debut?  Mia has already faced some of the best wrestlers in SHIMMER:  Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif, Nikki Roxx, and Sassy Stephie.  It would be a little disappointing for me to see her again matched with those noble opponents -- only because SHIMMER is so rich in talent and match-up possibilities. 
The ever popular Mercedes Martinez makes her entrance

In facing the opponents above, Mia Yim has demonstrated that she has what it takes to compete with any indy woman in the world.  She has also had several bouts with Mickie James.  Dream opponents, that Dave Prazak may not think she has yet earned the right to face -- at least in the SHIMMER hierarchy -- are Cheerleader Melissa, Ayako Hamada, Serena Deeb, and Mercedes Martinez.  The champions Eagles, Matthews, and Perez are also unlikely adversaries this time around.  Mia would feel honored to have a match with any of those women -- and hopefully she will one day. 

Ayumi Kurihara and Cheerleader Melissa

The amazing international talent at SHIMMER is often reserved for those USA and SHIMMER indy veterans that have earned the right to wrestle international superstars.  For instance, I do not see Mia being granted a singles match with Ayumi Kurihara or Saraya Knight, althought the latter would be a more likely opponent.  Mia would consider herself fortunate to be booked in a singles match or tag with any of the Japanese or Australian girls.  It would be wonderful to see her tangle with Ohata, Nakagawa, or Matsumoto next weekend -- even in a tag match.

Misaki Ohata in her Hello Kitty ears

My dream singles opponents for Mia Yim this coming weekend are these:  Britani Knight, Athena, Jessie McKay, and Christina von Eerie.  These are all young women around Mia's age, but they are established (as Mia is) either in SHIMMER (Jessie and Athena) or outside SHIMMER (Britani in EVE and Christina in PWG, California).  Britani Knight is the most promising young wrestler in Europe and brings a full arsenal of weapons and stage craft to the ring (she is also, I believe, the youngest worker in these tapings -- not yet 20).  Athena made an amazing impression last September and produced top quality matches.  She and Mia are the only wrestlers in these tapings representing the African American demographic.  Last September SHIMMER invited Bonesaw and Amazing Kong as well.  Athena and Mia have hard-hitting styles that will compliment each other and produce a special match.  Jessie McKay works the psychological angle very well and has tremendous wrestling skills. Christina von Eerie is that Daffney-like goth character who brings a crazy-ass-punk-style to the ring; she would force Mia to be inventive and prepare for a California girl, like herself.

Madison Eagles wrenches Jessie McKay's knee

Athena elbows Neveah

If Mia Yim does not draw these opponents, she is likely to wrestle girls from this able group:  Jessica James, Rachel Summerlyn, Ariel, Kellie Skater, Melanie Cruise, Leva Bates, and Allison Danger.  Danger often draws a "green rookie" (which Mia is most certainly NOT) and tries to carry her to a decent match on the rookie's first appearance.  In my opinion, Mia does not need that kind of help, but given that fact that Danger's paths are likely to cross much more with Mia Yim in PWSun, Allison may feel she needs to work with Mia, learn her ways, and get to know her better.  I would not be surprised to see this match.

Veronika Vice has Allison Danger on the ropes

In the end, this is a weekend that Mia fans have been waiting for for the past 19 months, since she made her debut in North Carolina in August of 2009.  This is SHIMMER -- the biggest and purest indy stage in the world -- just look at the talent from around the world that it attracts . . . pretty damn dynamite!  Let's all wish Mia well as she packs her bags next Friday to fly to Midway or O'Hare airport and get ready for an epic weekend!

Marquis at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL

Ref, Deceived by Svensson, DQ's Yim in Mia War Rematch

Mia Yim moves in on Svensson

Pro Wrestling Sun inaugurated their new promotion with a brief show in Jackson, New Jersey.  Allison Danger heads the promotion and with her connections through SHIMMER she has an international wrestling stable ready to sign with Pro-Wrestling Sun.  Madison Eagles could not make the show due to illness, so at the last minute the card was scrambled and Sara Del Rey became the challenger with Allison Danger for the main event -- the PWSun Belt.  SDR came away with the victory, to no one's surprise.  Mercedes Martinez humbled the Rate Tank, Kellie Skater.  In tag action, Marti Belle and Annie Social deconstructed and lost to Sumie Sakai and Roxie Cotton.  In the much hyped "Battle of the Mia's" Mia Yim took on Mia Svensson.  This "bad blood" match has a history extending back to September 12, 2010, when Svensson beat Yim in a SPARKLE match in Berwyn, IL.  In the course of the match, however, Yim broke Svensson's rib with a massive double stomp.
Mia Yim's viscious double stomp on Svensson at SPARKLE,
September 12, 2010.  The move broke Svensson's rib.

There was no love lost between these two today -- another Sunday, a week before the March 2011 SHIMMER tapings -- and the match went back and forth.  In the end Svensson produced a monkey wrench and went after Yim.  The ref was down and Yim ducked the blow.  When the ref came to, Svensson laid down and played possum; the ref thought Yim had hit Svensson and disqualified Mia Yim.  Needless to say, Yim was pissed off at the injustice and challenged Svensson to a Street Fight at the next PW Sun event (I do not know the date at present).

Allison Danger assembled a quality roster from the East Coast and especially the NY/NJ area.  It was nice to see Mercedes Martinez and Marti Belle (WSU) on the same show with Mia Yim and Annie Social (JAPW).  I am hopeful that PW Sun will become a bridge to bring great Mid-Atlantic talent together that are currently separated through the territorial feud between WSU and JAPW. 

Svensson locks up Yim's legs

Some Pro-Wrestling SUN roster members. 
Clockwise from top: Mia Yim (green shirt), Annie Social, Kellie Skater,
Marti Belle, Roxie Cotton, Mercedes Martinez, Sumie Sakai

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Del Rey & Haze vs. Craft & Yim

Fun tag match from last year where the newbies Yim & Craft teach their teachers SDR & Haze a lesson in RCW.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mia Yim's Busy Spring Schedule

Mia Yim has an extremely busy spring wrestling schedule in 2011.  it's hard to believe that she can be a fulltime college student and keep this intense schedule on weekends.  During the last six months she has raised her game in almost every way, taking on new high-profile challengers, working for new promotions, and developing technically through serious and committed training.  She has recently worked for NEW, CZW, JAPW, ROH, ICW, PWS, and soon for SHIMMER and PW Sun.  On top of all this, Mia has been developing technically through consistent and committed training.  She has recently unveiled some high-risk aerial moves like the swanton off the top rope that wowed the crowds at JAPW, CZW, and ICW.  Mia will not be narrowly defined as a kick specialist -- she is pursuing the versatility of Ayako Hamada's arsenal of moves!  High Standards!

Mia brings her double knees to the back of Annie Social

Mia Yim's Spring Schedule
March 18 & 19: ROH
March 20: Pro-Wrestling SUN
March 26 & 27:Shimmer
April 1 & 2: ROH
April 9 & 10: CZW
April 16: ACW
April 23: RCW
April 30:Jersey Pro Elite
May 1:Deaf WrestleFest
June 24: ACW(MD)
June 26:ACW (TX)
Mia's swanton in CZW

I will briefly attempt to outline some of the highlights of this amazing schedule.  Of course the ROH shows are the cherry on top of this rich wrestling sundae.  Mia enters with Prince Nana and the New Embassy at four shows in Boston, New York, and Atlanta.  At SHIMMER, Mia will has a chance to grace the big stage and possibly wrestle international talent from Australia, Britain, Japan, and our neighbor to the North, Canada.  This coming weekend Mia will tangle with Mia Svensson in an effort to settle some bad blood stemming back to SPARKLE last Sept. when Svensson won the match but Yim broke her rib.  Each woman feels she has a score to settle so they will take it to the mat on Sunday at Allison Danger's Pro Wrestling SUN debut event in Jackson, NJ.  On April 16, Mia's 22nd birthday, she will have a chance to win her first singles title belt -- the ACW championship (Maryland); but first she must rip it off the waist of current champ, Kacee Carlisle.  Can you think of a better birthday present than a Championship belt?
Mia rides Mickie James in ACW
Mia's road continues with a trip to Texas in June to participate in Anarchy Championship Wrestling's American Joshi Queen tournament.  There she may tangle with the likes of Athena, MsChif, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Rachael Summerlyn and others.  So Mia is expanding from the East Coast to Illinois and Texas this year!  Finally, perhaps nearest and dearest to her heart, Mia is participating in the DeafWrestleFest in Pittsburgh, PA.  She feels close to the deaf community and has even learned American Sign Language (ASL) so that she can communicate with her deaf friends.  It is an impressive commitment and I know she feels honored to have been asked to participate in this great benefit event.
Mia v Jamilia Craft in PWR
I hope this annotation of Mia's remarkable schedule with help her fans chose the match they want to come out and see.  I have seen Mia wrestle at least half a dozen times and each time is a treat.  She is a great athlete and entertainer -- very sweet to her fans -- always willing to sign an autograph or take a photo with you.  Please come out an support local wrestling in your area.  I know all the Mia Yim fans out there are thrilled with the mercurial rise of her career and look forward to more fantastic appearances in 2011!

Monday, March 7, 2011

JOSHI PROFILE: Tsukasa Fujimoto

Tsukasa Fujimoto working in JWP against Masu-me
all photos are courtesy of Youji Kawauchi

Thanks to Youji Kawauchi who knows Tsukasa Fujimoto personally, we know that she has a charming personality accented by an attractive smile and personal warmth. She has earned the teacher's certificate in university, and loves to do volunteer work. She is highly intelligent as well as bright-eyed with great sense of humor.

Tsukasa Fujimoto is in excellent physical condition and is a fearless, acrobatic worker in the ring.  She is almost monkey-like in her quick facility with every part of the ring and her ability to use all to her advantage.  She works mainly for Ice Ribbon and JWP.  In Ice Ribbon she and Haruku Shida are the Tag Team champions.  In JWP she often works tags with the young Masu-me, but she also pursues a singles career in that promotion as the Youji Kawauchi photos in this blog demonstrate.

Profile Questions:  Is this the typical profile of a young lady who goes into the Joshi business in Japan?  does this description match the descriptions of many USA indy wrestlers or is it atypical?  I find the intersection of these cultures and questions to be fascinating and I would welcome your comments or thoughts on the matter.  One thing that does seem clearer in Joshi circles in Japan is that a young woman may be a part of a dojo in Japan for the teen and early twenties, but after a period of time the woman decides to retire from Joshi, marry, and begin a family.  Often a very normal career, such as a teacher or a nurse, ensues.  Often motherhood and homemaking does.  There seems to be a very clear divide between one's Joshi years and the rest of one's life.  This is not to say that there are not some old guard lions in Joshi -- Toyota, Gami, Shimoda, Takako Inoue, KAORU, Ozaki, and Aja Kong come to mind.  In most of these cases the women remain unmarried and very committed to wrestling. 

Take Michiko Ohmukai as an example.  A big worker in LLPW, Arsion, and M-Style for at least a decade (1993-2005), then a full stop; marriage; and now two kids.  I don't think she has gotten close to sliding on the kickpads again in the past five years.  This line is less clear in the USA where indy workers like Jazz and Allison Danger can have careers while also having husbands and children, something that it definitely frowned upon in Japan.  There, when a woman marries, she must be available to help and support her husband and raise the children -- it's not the other way around.

How would you like this woman to be your Second Grade teacher?

Shuri Vs Kana

Who doesn't love a little Shuri v Kana action?
This is from Tajiri's SMASH promotion.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marti Belle retains WSU tag crown with the help of Jazz

Marti Belle was as surprised as anyone when the great Jazz came out to help her defend her WSU tag crown (Tina was injured and could not compete) against the Soul Sisters (Jana and Latasha) as well as the team of Cindy Rodgers and Amy Lee.  After a brutal battle in and out of the ring (mostly out, for Marti), a battle full of weapons from garbage cans to hockey sticks to french fries, a battle that Jazz finally won by pinning Cindy Rodgers for the win.

It's hard to see, but this half silhouette shot captures Marti exultant, with the precious belt over her shoulder and the lavender fabric bands that were over her knee pads slipped down to look almost like kickpads (a cool look if you ask me).  She is exhausted, beat up, relieved, and exultant all at the same time!  Could Jazz be training a new Jazz afficionado? Marti could not possibly have a better mentor!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mia Yim on Long Island

Mia Yim Makes NYWC Debut (Updated July 20, 2012)

Mia makes a surprise appearance at NYWC

All Photos by David Falcon

So there she was in her new Rasta-themed wrestling gear being introduced with none other than Eddie Kingston -- her Twitter rival -- as a tag team taking on Raven, the ECW Original.  It was a surprise because Mia is only in the NYC area to visit her boyfriend and hang out with friends like Marti Belle.  So when Marti prepared to head to her NYWC booking Thursday, July 19, in Deer Park, NY, Mia decided to ride along.  Of course, wrestlers never go to a show without their gear, cuz . .  you just never know when you will be needed to fill a gap or strengthen a card.  Of course Mia and Eddie have a love/hate relationship from their work in CZW but after all the unguarded name-calling between them on Twitter, everyone was surprsed to see them "working together" against Raven.  And work they did, eventually getting the win in a semi-handicapped match.  Raven did have a Polo-shirted assistant, for at least part of the match.

Mia makes ready

First the pre-match banter with fans

"Get back, Eddie.  I got this."

Eddie massages Mia's tight deltoids

Raven seems unimpressed with all the drama

There was a great crowd at Sportorium for the action

When the fans started jeering Kingston, Mia covered his virgin ears

Mia got the tag-in!

Mia was more impressed with her physique than Raven was


Raven in man-handle mode

Somehow I don't think that shoving Raven will work

. . . kicking might, though

Mia shouts encouragement to her partner

Mia jawing with Polo-Shirt Boy

She punctuates the exchange with a swift kick

Raven's clothesline sequence on Mia Yim: 

The set-up

The approach . . .

The delivery . . .

The follow through . . .

Victim's impact . . .

Victim's head bounce-back . . .


Freudean Slip? Mia gives Eddie an "inadvertant" crotch shot

"Oh, shit!  My nuts!"

Raven with a trip toe-hold on Mia into a chair

Bang! Damn!

Mia's Out . . .

When Mia woke up, Eddie had won the match!

Mia's never been one who knows when to quit . . .

Aww shit! Even though the bell has gone, this is going to end badly

Raven turns out the lights at Mia's party!  BANG!

Game Over!

Mia will feel this in the morning

Mia needs to be helped off by Eddie

Mia Yim vs Annie Social in PWS (3/5/11)

Mia Yim and Annie Social brought their kick-ass feud to Long Island on Saturday, March 5.  They are well known adversaries from JAPW both in singles competition and tagging.  PWS management originally planned to have Boston Shore (Amber/Alexxis) take on Divina Fly and Jamilia Craft.  Those plans were scuttled after a delay in setting up the ring caused the event start time to jeopardize the girls' ability to compete and still get to the WSU 4th anniversary show in Union City, NJ.  They made the decision to bail on PWS and hightail it to NJ.  They made it just in time to compete.

That left PWS management scrambling to piece together women's matches.  Mia Yim was visiting her friends in Philly and NJ this weekend and enjoying the action at ICW in Queens on Friday and PWS on Saturday.  She was pressed into duty to tangle with her well known rival, Annie Social ("Tits Magee" as Mia playfully calls her).  Mia had the opportunity to hang with Divina Fly (recently Rosita of TNA) while they watched some great men's matches: Lo Ki v Davy Richards was epic, as was Necro Butcher v Amazing Red (the action spilled out all over the arena).  Mia seemed very content watching some of her male idols in the ring and did not seem to be missing the WSU locker room.

Mia was introduced as the "face" and Annie Social as the heel.  Mia played up to the crowd that popped for her (pleasantly surprised because she was not advertised in advance).  The match (short at 4:30) ended with an Annie Social boot to Mia's midsection followed by a DDT as the finisher.  Recently in JAPW Mia emerged victorious over Annie; at the PWS show, the theme was "heels win" and the women's match followed that pattern.  Both women know each other so well in the ring that the action was smooth with smart, stiff spots -- kicks from Mia and nastiness from Annie (like clawing and wrenching Mia's volupous tat-tats while Annie had her trapped in the corner).  Some photos from the event are posted below.  The Long Island crowd got treated to a great show with an odd order -- some high profile matches up front due to late start time of the show.  Lo Ki - Davey Richards, Amazing Red - Necro Butcher, and the three-man tag match all front-loaded before the intermission.

Mia "face" greets the fans at PWS

Here comes nasty Annie Social -- Ms. Heel

Mia locks up with Annie Social at Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Mia playing coy

Annie has Mia in a hammerlock
Yeeeooooww! My nipples!
Mia brings double knees to the back of Annie Social

Annie sets up Mia for the DDT finisher

Ah, well, maybe next time

Rosita and Mia at PWS show

Lo Ki: Mia's style icon - wrestling style, that is