Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rosita is Ready for some Football!


By far my most popular blog posts are those featuring the stunning TNA Knockout Rosita.  I am proud to say I knew her when she was a teenager on Long Island working the indy feds and getting coached by her cousin Amazing Red and her friend JaviAir.  The Divina Fly I knew then was the most humble, gracious, down-to-earth girl you would ever hope to meet.  She deeply loves her family and her authentic friends.  The mercurial fame she has encountered in TNA has not changed the sterling character of a woman who knows the blessings of beautiful looks and superb athletic (and acrobatic) ring skills are in part a gift of God and so she consistently cultivates an attitude of gratitude and integrity.  If there is a better person in wreslting today, I have not met her.  Rosita, I join with all your legions of fans to say, with one voice, "We Love You! Keep on Being Amazing!"  Follow her at!/VIVAROSITA

What better way to celebrate the change in seasons -- the crisp clarity of autumn air -- than with an NFL themed photoshoot by the great TNA photographer, Lee South.  Here we have Rosita posing as Pittsburg Steelers free safety, Troy Polamalu.  Any one wanna go long down the middle?

The Real Troy Polamalu

The fuckin' unreal Troy Polamalu

I definitely see the hair resemblance

Ready . . . Set . . . Hike!

Yearbook photo

Hold it on the seams, girl!

Oh, and what about Velvet Sky as Tom Brady? (Watch out Gisele Bundchen!)

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