Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SMASH: Kana/Mio Shirai v Makoto/Syuri

At the SMASH event today, Kana and Mio (double tails?) took on Makoto and Syuri.  Syuri was the only one not wearing new gear.  It seemed to be an energetic and inventive match with Kana eventually getting Makoto to submit with an APCross. 

Photos Below by Si Kaz



Mio and Kana (Sargeant Peppers?)

Kana salute

Ready to Rock & Roll

Mio in control of Syuri

Kana puts pressure on Makoto's arm

Syuri:  the dance moves

Double Tails?

Photos Below by Shikata Masato

Kana over Syuri

Kana controls Makoto

Syuri with a bridge on Kana

All four in the ring

Kana applies the Cross

More strain on the shoulders

Final submission hold

Makoto takes the loss and a Kana diatribe

After the show

The charismatic Syuri


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  1. Man it looked like a good match. I wish it was recorded... Kana has new ring gear!