Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dreams Fulfilled: Future Opponents of Mia Yim

Mia Yim with Su Yung at SHIMMER
All photos by David Falcon

In the spring of 2010, shortly after meeting Mia Yim and becoming a loyal fan, I began to suggest "future opponents" for her on my blog.  These were really just dream opponents/matches that I hoped to see some day.  Among the first six opponents I suggested were Kana, Ayumi Kurihara, Athena, Jessie McKay, Marti Belle, and Su Yung.  Thanks to SHIMMER three of those dream matches happened on October 1 -- though not quite in the way I imagined -- I never envisioned a 3-way with Mia, Athena, and Jessie McKay.  The Kana match was an absolute thrill to witness live. 

I hope that Mia gets her chance against the amazing Ayumi Kurihara either at SHIMMER or perhaps more likely in Japan working for REINA.  Her good friend Marti Belle in an opponent that she must face eventually.  And Mia met Su Yung at SHIMMER last week.  If Su comes back to SHIMMER, as she certainly should based on her fine SPARKLE appearances, they may yet have their turn in the ring.

Kana v Mia Yim, SHIMMER Volume 41

Jessie's Yakuza Kick on Mia: A Jaw-Rattler!

Athena's athletic O-Face finisher on Mia Yim (SHIMMER Vol. 42)

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