Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Britani Knight v Jessie McKay

Britani Knight's last appearance at SHIMMER?

All photos by Gregory Davis

Match-of-the-Day: October 20

Competitors:  Britani Knight v Jessie McKay

Volume: 43 -- tenth match

Time: 9:00

Finisher:  Boyfriend Stealer

Highlights: the match between two young superstars from the British Commonwealth -- Britani from England and Jessie from Australia -- began predictably enough with banter and a lockup -- but it ended in chaos, a donnybrook, and a family fued so vicious it defies description.  The Knights are masters of psychology and the pressure on Britani being built during the weekendfrom her demanding mother, is taking its toll.  Britani's loss is just Saraya's opening to excoriate her in public and ignite a catfight that took a dozen grown men to break up.  Incredible drama!

Everybody's Favorite Girlfriend, Jessie McKay

Bryce Remsberg gets caught up in Brit's SHIManigans

Okay, back off!

action spills outside the ring

The wood floor in Eagles Club is unforgiving

Back in ring, Britani is in control

More pain for Jessie

Britani has a low opinion of the rules

Britani with a boot

But mama wasn't happy with the loss

All hell breaks loose between mother and daughter

How do you pull them apart?

And still they claw at each other . . .

Finally some separation

. . . but only until they take on each other in Volume 44!  What a Prelude!

Mummy carted off as if she were planking!

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