Saturday, October 1, 2011


Mia Yim with a Horchata from the cantina across 26th St. from Eagles Club

S-H-I-M-M-E-R !!!!

W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-G !!!!

Y-A-Y-Y-Y !!!!

See you all in Berwyn, IL, as Kana comes through the SHIMMER curtain!

Here are some pages from my most recent Shutterfly photobook entitled "Wrestling Scrapbook II."  This one exclusively features some of my favorite wrestlers from the SHIMMER tapings of Vol. 41-44.

The cover features one of my favorite matches of the weekend:  Ohka v Yim

Kana made the title page

Back cover featured Mia and Su Yung

Photo collages on the inside pages:  Yim v Kana

Serena locks up with Yumi Ohka

Ayumi Kurihara in trouble

More Ayumi . . .

Some of my SHIMMER favorites!

Kana v Melissa

Mia Yim v Yumi Ohka

. . . and the facing page . . .

More Mia . . .

The final page with Ayumi and Kana

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