Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Athena v Mercedes Martinez

This battle occured twice.  On Volume 43, Sunday afternoon, Mercedes and Athena ended in a draw after a double count-out.  The fans chant for a restart, but mercedes refuses and walks back to the lockeroom.  Athena's music starts playing and the fans start chanting her name.  It appears that Mercedes has done a heel-turn and Athena is now a "face."  The rematch will come on Volume 44 -- later that same day (I will feature that match later in the month.

Athena acknowledging the crowd

All photos by David Falcon

Match-of-the-Day: October 11

Competitors: Mercedes Martinez v Athena

Volume: 43 -- ninth match

Time: 6:45

Finisher: DRAW -- double count out

Highlight: fierce battle and Athena showed great heart.  Great drama in and out of the ring (and a botched plancha from Athena off the top to the outside -- scary moment).

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official

Athena with a boot to Mercedes' midsection

Mercedes tying Athena up

Athena stalks the ring

Athena sets up a move

Athena prepares to climb the corner

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