Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Blog Belongs to SHIMMER

Kana makes her USA debut v Mia Yim
All photos by David Falcon

I am still recovering from the amazing 36 hours I spent in Chicago @ SHIMMER.  I took lots of pics and met some amazing wrestlers and fans from around the world.  My plan is to feature a "match-a-day" on this blog to highlight some photos and match moments that were especially memorable -- so check back every day to see the latest installment. 

Ayumi looking at my Wrestling Scrapbook

It was fantastic meeting Kana and Yumi Ohka.  Their matches were fantastic.  I really look forward to seeing Hiroyo, Ayumi, Tomoka, and Ayako as well.  Mia Yim's matches were beyond my expectation, but her booking this weekend gave me even more confidence in Dave Prazak's vision and wrestling acumen. 

Here are a few photos from a match that I wondered if I would ever see -- well I saw it on Volume 41! Thank you, Dave Prazak!  Thank you Kana and Mia Yim for an amazing match!

Match-of-the-Day:  October 4

Competitors: Mia Yim v Kana

Volume:  41 -- fifth match

Time:  6:30

Finisher:  Rear naked choke variation

Highlight:  battle between two stiff-kick specialists;
Kana worked Mia's knee and arm;
her submission execution won in the end

Key:  Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official

I asked this Formspring question to Mia and referred to this photo, taken at the moment that Kana was introduced: "I have a pic of you in the ring just as Kana was announced. It looked like you had so much adrenaline that your heart was beating out of your chest. Were you feeling the big-game butterflies and sensing the significance of the moment?"
Mia:  Yes I really was very nervous. One of my dream matches with my favorite wrestler. I look up to this woman.

What I paid to See:  Mia unleashes on Kana

More fast-paced action between Yim and Kana

Who's taller now?

Kana with the cover

Damn! That's gonna leave a mark!

Fight the hold, Mia!

Mia submits . . .

Kana wins her SHIMMER debut!

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