Sunday, October 2, 2011

SHIMMER vol 41-42: Fantastic matches!

Kana kicking the stuffing out of Sara Del Rey
Photos by David Falcon

Great USA debut from Kana (two wins) and Yumi Ohka (1-1).  Hiroyo Matsumoto got a title shot v. Madison Eagles in Vol. 42.  Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada formed a tag team that won the SHIMMER belts.  Tomoka goes on being her heelish self.  SHIMMER has become a joshi paradise and with Mia Yim, Sara Del Rey, Mercedes Martinez, and Serena Deeb all making recent trips to Japan -- there is a lot of fruitful blending and understanding of styles.  Go to for the results of all matches yesterday.

For me, the booking was inspired.  Kana v Mia Yim on Vol. 41 was amazing!  As was Yumi Ohka v. Sara Del Rey.  The Eagles title defenses were fanatstic v. Serena (vol. 41) and Hiroyo (vol. 42).  The fatal 4-way with Skater, Nakagawa, MsChif, and LuFisto as well as the 3-way with Mia Yim, Athena, and Jessie McKay were exciting and different.  The wrestling was of the highest quality -- superb!

I can't wait to see more today!

Yumi Ohka vaulting the top rope to crush Courtney Rush

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