Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marti Belle Appreciation Thread

Marti Belle Update:  Friday, July 20, 2012

The beautiful Marti Belle

In case you were not paying close attention, Marti Belle's stock has been rising in independent wrestling. That was evident last night at NYWC's Trust No One show in Deer Park, Long Island, when she was a featured "challenger" for the Starlet Championship. The match as a 3-way dance that featured Champion Nikki Addams and fellow challenger Brittney Savage. Though each woman had her moment to shine, the belt ultimately was retained by Addams who pinned Savage after a fierce match.
Below are some photos of the match: All photos by David Falcon

Marti makes ready
Brittney Savage prepares

Marti kicks out of Brit's school girl pin attempt

Brit gets back on top

"Oh no!" Marti anticipates the impact

Addams brings the slaps

Marti's turn . . .

Anger Management or Mismanagement?

Marti on the attack

Marti has Nikki at sixes and sevens . . .

Bang! . . . and down . . .

Brit has Marti at her mercy


Nikki finishes Brit while Marti grimmaces in pain

Champ retains her belt

A rogue tries to steal a kiss from groggy Marti

Defeated on this day . . .

Brittney comes up short as well . . .

Marti Belle Appreciation Thread:  Original Post
Gorgeous Marti Belle

One of the most beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, and energetic indy girls on the wrestling scene today is Dominican Bombshell Marti Belle!  She is best known for her affiliation with WSU and the tag-team title belts she earned with partner Tina San Antonio.  Those belts are now gone, but Marti and Tina have designs on winning them back at a big show on Long Island, at the Deer Park Sportatorium, on Friday, Novemeber 19.  Also on the card Serena Deeb v Melina, Jessika Havoc, Sassy Stephie, and more.  Marti recently began working other promotions such as MLW in Tennessee, and several Long island promotions as well.  I long to see Marti make her debut at SHIMMER/SPARKLE and even travel to Japan like her fellow WSU compatriot, Luscious Latasha did.  We all can expect a lot more from the re-mark-able (I know I'm a mark!) Marti Belle!

Enjoy this photo essay of Marti Moments (July 2010-October 2011):  All Photos by David Falcon

Kids love Marti

Like I said . . .

Marti battling the pain . . . at an AIW show in Ohio . . .

Fierce Heel!

Tina wasn't always a trusted partner

The Belle Saints def do "Got Milkshakes"!

Marti Belle and Jessika Havok

Marti v Cindy Rogers

Marti's distinctive gear . . .

Shock and Awe after winning WSU tag belts Nov. 2010

Did I mention that Marti loves kids?

Marti reaches out to her fans

Marti v Candy Cartwright in FTW

Always a concerned tag team partner

With the cover on Candy  1...2...3!

Victorious amid the corpses

She signed my photobook!  Yay!!

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