Sunday, October 30, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Madison Eagles v Cheerleader Melissa

Cheerleader Melissa

All photos by Gregory Davis

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Match-of-the-Day: October 30


Competitors: Madison Eagles v Cheerleader Melissa

Volume: 44 -- thirteenth match

Time: 20:00 (?)
Finisher: Reversing a Hellbound

Highlight: ACheerleader Melissa won the right to "Number 1 Contender" by defeating Kana on Vol. 43.  She is the sentimental favorite to unseat the great Madison Eagles.  Viscious match with crazy out-of-ring sequences that had melissa over the bar and steel barracades down.  These two techincally accomplished, big-move wrestlers put on an epic match -- one most worthy of the change of title.  Poetic justice to have Melissa win with a reverse of the brutal hellbound finisher that Eagles' opponents dread.

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official

Bryce holds up the coveted hardware

Madison hits the floor hard

Melissa took her share of bumps as well

They finally climb back into the ring

Cattle mutilation from Madison

Madison works the leg

She did it!

A new Champ is crowned

Nicole Matthews storms out to ruin Melissa's moment

Does Matthews have the belt?!  WTF?!

The belt is returned to the rightful owner

Melissa celebrates once more!

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