Sunday, October 9, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Sara Del Rey v Kana

Kana v Sara Del Rey
All photos by David Falcon
Match-of-the-Day: October 10

Competitors: Sara Del Rey v Kana
Volume: 42 -- tenth match
Time: 12:00
Finisher: Kana Lock: Rear naked choke variation
Highlight: awesome matwork in this match -- these masterful wrestlers showed their versatility with stiff kicks, submissions and near falls.  Great drama built over the 12 minutes as Sara's power and size advantage was neutralized by Kana's submissions -- draining SDR of strength and ultimately consciousness.

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official

The matwork

Sara with control of Kana's right arm

Stiff as . . . Kana keeps her eye on the ball . . .

Sara charges the corner

Kana gets her kicks

. . . and finally the Kana Lock puts Sara to sleep

The SMASH Champion prevails

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