Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Kana

The World Famous Kana

When you see her in person, as I did at SHIMMER three weeks ago, her size is surprising -- she's a small wrestler.  She is not large, not overly muscular, not body-builder thin, not a high flyer, not tattooed or pierced.  So what is it about Kana?  Good question.  Well here are ten reasons that I'm a fan -- a mark -- a huge fan!
Photos by Luke Matsuki, David Falcon, and others.

1.  She's got bad-ass bitch confidence!
Kana making her entrance

2.  She knows how to use entrance gimmicks to perfection:  mask, sword, open kimono, makeup, etc.
Kana at a makeup match tag team event

3.  She as awesome, sexy wrestling gear!
Kana has Mia Yim in an armbar @ SHIMMER

4.  She's so bad-ass that she wrestles barefoot.
Kana prone outside the ring

5.  She is all business outside the ring.
Kana at a SMASH press conference

6.  Everything she does in the ring is sexy and fierce!
Kana in control

7.  She strikes hard -- go hard or go home!
Kana strikes Akebono

8.  She is amazing connecting with her worldwide fans on Twitter.
Fan art by Michael Liao

Follow Kana at!/k_a_n_a_

9.  She is amazing connecting with fans in person.

Kana attending to a fan

10.  She is pushes the boundaries, embraces the outrageous, and continues to defy catagories -- she is The World Famous Kana!
Kana v Akebono

Kana with her war paint


  1. Off and on for 40 years I have watched wrestling back home in the USA. I can honestly say Kana is the ONLY wrestler I truly have become enamored with completely. She is the not the best within a select area of skill she is the MOST complete athlete/wrestler/entertainer. She is fearless, forward thinking, independent, entrepreneur, unlimited sex appeal without it being the first thing. Adaptable, knows how to PLAY the company game also. We would love to have her here but our organizations (WWE/TNA, etc.) do not care for true athletes/skilled wrestlers to do their thing and put a good show on. Sex is 1st, although some of her gear is kind of goofy at times I love her striking speed and mixed matches where she sells BETTER than any I have ever seen. Make that money Kana....cause they would only make it OFF you.....brilliant woman. Single????? LOL Thanks and look forward to an even brighter future.

  2. Marshall, thanks for your insightful comment. I could not agree more. The CHIKARA match between Kana and Sara Del Rey is one that I have watched over and over -- I find it brilliant! It is easy to find fault with wrestlers, but this woman is the COMPLETE package both inside and outside the ring. Thanks again for weighing in on Kana!

  3. Could u post video kana vs del rey,please.I'm kana crazy fan (=^^=)

    1. The Kana v Del Rey on SHIMMER Vol. 42 will be released this coming week. The Kana v Del Rey at CHIKARA was released last October "Klunk in Love." I will not post either video match because they are copyrighted. You have to buy those dvds. I can tell you, they are well worth the money -- great matches! From one crazy Kana fan to another -- enjoy her new work and try to see her live. I hope she will be back in SHIMMER on March 17!