Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Mia Yim v Yumi Ohka

Yumi Ohka v Mia Yim
All photos by David Falcon

Match-of-the-Day: October 19

Competitors: Mia Yim v Yumi Ohka

Volume: 43 -- seventh match

Time: 9:00

Finisher: Tiger Suplex

Highlight: this was a tremendous match!  Visionary of Dave to book it.  He made the best use of Mia's familiarity with Joshi working style.  These two athletic beauties absolutely pounded each other.  Mia took a sequence of yakuza boots to the face that still have my fillings rattling in my head.  There was an awesome punching sequence where Yumi sat on top of Mia and pounded her and then they rolled over and Mia was the one on top doing the pounding.  I believe it was Mia's best match of the weekend.  Yumi had four superb matches with Sarah Del Rey, Courtney Rush, Mia, and Serena -- all were outstanding!

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official

Oh by the way, Mia got streamers!

Yumi with a final equipment check

One good pounding . . .

. . . deserves another . . .

And one good suplex . . .

. . . deserves another . . .

And one stiff kick . . .

. . . deserves another . . .

. . . and another

. . . and another

. . . and another (are you getting the picture?)

. . . and a double knock-out punch

both women down . . .

Yumi got up first

She hoisted Mia high --

but Mia reversed it and locked in her K.I.D.

Will Yumi tap?

No.  She reversed the submission . . .

The action continues . . .

again, a battle of wills to see who will rise

Mia tees up Yumi's head for a penalty kick!

. . . and the cover (but only two!)

Yumi gets exorcised!

She hits Mia with a Tiger Suplex!

followed by a beautiful arch and hold:  1...2...3!

YES!!!  Yumi tastes Sweet SHIMMER Victory!!

. . . but can Mia wake up?

They embrace!  Both show much mutual respect.

Great show of sportmansip!

Mia and Yumi take a common bow

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