Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Neveah/Sassy Stephie v Ashley Lane/Mia Yim

Mia Yim and Ashley Lane

All photos by David Falcon

Match-of-the-Day: October 26

Competitors: Neveah/Sassy Stephie v Ashley Lane/Mia Yim

Volume: 44 -- fourth match

Time: 6:10

Finisher: Kiss My Sass

Highlight: fun tag with the Ohio-based newly turned heel team of Neveah and Sassy Stephie against face team Ashley Lane and Mia Yim.  Mia had much more time in the ring (taking heelish abuse) than Ashley did.  It rounded out a great SHIMMER weekend for Mia who did not win a match but made the most of some crucial high-profile appearances.

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official
Pinning wrestler = red;
wrestler who took the fall = underlined
Ashley Lane -- back at SHIMMER

Mia Yim gets a Joshi Puroresu welcome

Cherish the Love

Ashley opens the match

Mia jaws with Sassy Stephie

Ashley escorts Stephie to the corner

Mia with a snap-kick on Stephie

Mia continues the offense

Mia's Missile drop kick on Stephie

Mia was down and out, but not finished . . . yet . . .

Neveah unloads on Mia

Mia staggers for help

But Neveah is not finished with her pounding

Neveah in control

Stephie brings more heat

Sassy Stephie has Mia tied up in a wicked submission

Mia lunges to make the tag

Ashley goes to work

but soon she tags Mia back in . . .

Mia works Stephie

. . . but then gets doubled teamed

. . . and suplexed . . . but Ashley broke up the pin

Stephie sets Mia up for her Kiss-My-Sass finisher

Game Over!

Mia retreats to the locker room feeling the pain

"WTF? Damn!"

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