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David Falcon Interview's Mercedes KV

Mercedes KV Interviewed by David Falcon:
Mercedes KV caught my attention about six months ago when I saw photos of a match she had with Mistress Belmont.  Since I have seen several videos of her in-ring work and my enthusiasm for this athletic young lady is growing.  I have not seen many print interviews or biographies of Mercedes, so I was delighted when she agreed to do this interview; I trust some of her fans' curiosity will be satisfied.
HEIGHT:  5'5"
Mercedes makes ring entrance

DF: How did you get involved with pro wrestling in the first-place? What experience or event made you want to become a pro wrestler?
M:  I remember watching wrestling when I was a baby with my birth-dad but I didn't understand what it was. When I was ten years old, I was living in Iowa at the time, and we had no cable and the only thing on was Smackdown.  Vince McMahon was one cutting a promo and I was like "Wow!  This crazy!"  I remember my mom coming in my room and telling me this wasn't good to watch and to turn it off.  I snuck into my brother's room and turned it on. Then an Eddie Guerrero match came on and I was hooked right away.   I started watching it every week.  I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do when I grew up! Now here I am grown up! :)
DF: How did your family respond when they learned you wanted to be a wrestler?  Many parents have questions about their daughters going in to this profession, have your parents asked you some hard questions?
M:   I don't think my Mom believed me when I first told her, she probably thought I was going through a "phase."  She didn't know how much wrestling meant to me until years later.  It took her a while, but she supports me and I'm blessed for that.  My dad LOVES it and supports my dream 100%.
DF:  Do people at church and school know that you wrestle?  Have they been supportive? 
M:  When they found out I wanted to wrestle, everyone thought I was crazy and didn't believe me.
Mercedes flanked by good friends

DF: What draws you to wrestling?  What do you like most about the sport?

M:  Honesty I can't tell you what draws me; I love everything about it.  When I watch wrestling -- a good match --  it's like no other feeling in the world! :)
Mercedes struggles to her feet

DF:  You look very athletic.  Did you play sports growing up?  What were your favorites?
M:  Oh yes! I have played every sport in the book; you name it I have played it. Track and football were my favorites.
DF:  Have you ever had any significant injuries playing sports or wrestling?
M:  I had a concussion during training. I was wrestling a Hugh Jass ( they don't call him that for nothing ) I went for a sunset flip didn't hear him say "Move" and got my face sat on.  Yup, I had a Hugh Jass in my face!
Mitress Belmont set to dump Mercedes on her head

DF:  When and where did you begin your training? 
M:  Feb 6, 2010 I did the CTC (Chaotic Training Center) camp in MA.  I won that and began my training at that time (and I've been training ever since).
DF:  Who has been the most important person to help you develop as a wrestler?
M:  All my trainers Brian Fury, Brian Milonas and Handsome Johnny. I wouldn't be where I am without them. Nikki Roxx is someone who helped me out too when I first started.
DF:  Who do you look up to today in the wrestling business for inspiration or as a role model?
M:  Eddie Guerrero is my idol; I loved him from the first day I started watching wrestling. There's a lot of people I look up to, but there are also those that teach me what NOT to do in the wrestling biz (I won't mention those names).
Mercedes delivers huricanrana to Belmont

M:  The match was Ivy and I vs Ariel and Sammi Lane on August 8, 2010,  at WWW Quincy National Guard Armory - Quincy, MA.  I was 18 years old. I remember being soooo emotional. Oh my God!  Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye.  All I ever wanted since I was 10 years old was to be a pro wrestler; I was finally getting my chance.  I never thought I would be getting a match that soon. I started training in Feb. I remember coming back through the curtain after my match and I just started crying sooo bad.  My Mom and brother went to the show and a couple of the boys I trained with came to support me. My mentor Nikki was there to support me and I was so blessed to have her there.  I just remember everyone coming up to be me telling me I did a good job. I was so happy!
DF:  You have had some notable feuds with Mistress Belmont that fans have enjoyed.  Why do you look forward to wrestling her?  How do you prepare for a Mistress match?
M:  Mistress Belmont was my second match every and my first singles match. I know every time I wrestle her we're going to tear it down. Some may find this silly, but if I can find matches of my opponents beforehand, I like to study them and learn their moves and tendancies.  I want to see what they can do in the ring.
Belmont enjoying inflicting pain

DF: What match has been the highlight of your young career so far, and why?
M:  My first match in Maine (IWE) against Mistress Belmont. I had no one I trained with to help me; I was all on my own and I felt like I did a pretty damn good match for being "green" and very new to the business.
DF:  What are Mercedes KV's signature moves?  What is your finisher?
M:  Knock out kick to your head!  BAM!!
Mercedes' devasting kick to the head

DF: Most wrestlers concentrate on their strengths and natural abilities in the ring.  Are you a high-flyer, a mat worker, a kicker/striker -- how would you describe your style?
M:   I combine all these into one.  I want to be someone that can do all styles when called for.  I want to be ready to work with anyone!
DF:  Would you care to give us a preview of a move you are working on in training that we may soon see you use in the ring?
M:   I'm working on a Shinning Wizard and a Frog Splash!  I always wanted to do the Frog Splash because it was an Eddie Guerrero favorite.  Tried it once but "crashed and burned" -- big time -- I busted my mouth open -- LOL!

DF: Have you ever made an opponent "tap out"?  Do you prefer to use submission holds or would you rather just pin your opponent?
M:  Surprisingly, no.  It's surprising because I have studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  But I have never tried to make anyone tap out.  I'm going to have to ask Tommaso Chimpa to teach me a couple of things!
Mercedes won IWE title belt in Maine

DF:  You have wrestled largely in New England -- Boston and Maine mostly -- do you have plans to expand the promotions and locations where you work?
M:  Yes New Jersey and Tennessee will be new destinations coming up.  I am definitely going to try my hardest this year to get my name out there more :)
DF:  Can you ever see yourself wrestling outside the USA for short or long periods of time?  Where would you like to go to wrestle?
M:  Absolutely! I love Japanese women's wrestling.  It would be a major honor to go there and learn and wrestle. Mexico also! Anywhere there's wrestling I would love to go!
Mercedes battles Ariel in New England

DF:  How would you describe your "in-ring personna" -- look, gear, attitude -- what is your gimmick?  What are the biggest challenges about pulling this off? 
M:  I would say my personna is just a "young rookie baby face" who is still trying to find her way. I have a long way to go still.  I try to stay in the best shape possible. My gear is a babyface, with bright colors and a positive attitude of one always ready to fight. 
DF:  What was the inspiration behind your ring name?  What does the KV stand for?
M:  I love my name Mercedes and always knew this is what I wanted to be called when I started.  I wanted to be a wrestler, but as you know there's other amazing wrestler name Mercedes Martinez. So I was asked just to have a last name. I couldn't come up with anything and my last name is Kaestner-Varnado so I just abbreviated it.
DF:  By the way, I love your gear!  Who makes it for you?
M:  Thank you! The blue and gold one I got off a stripper site LOL.  My new pink and yellow gear was made by my friend and fellow wrestler Mikaze.  Definitely stay tuned for more new gear in the next couple of months. I'm going to put my Asian friend to work on it!
Mercedes' new yellow & pink gear (by Mikaze)

DF:  Many women who wrestle love getting body modifications:  anything from tattoos and body piercings to breast implants, etc.  You have a great body right now!  How do you feel about body modifications?  Might we see Mercedes KV sporting a tattoo in the near future?
M:  It's your body, you do what you please with it.  I say whatever makes you happy go for it!  I would love to get a tattoo in the future; I just want to make sure it means something to me before I do.
DF:  Every new female worker is asked "do you prefer to be a 'face' or a 'heel'?"  And of course you must do both.  But usually one or the other comes more naturally.  Which of these feels more comfortable right now and why?
M:  I only worked heel twice.  I'm a very nice person naturally.  It hard for me to be mean. At this moment being a good guy is what I'm good at.
Mercedes the babyface battler

DF:  Tell us what you are feeling as you stand behind the curtain, about to make your ring entrance; your music is playing, the crowd has its eyes trained on the other side of the curtain waiting to see who emerges -- what's going through your head?
M:  I'm always nervous before a match always. I feel like I'm about to pee! LOL!
Mercedes in control

DF: What is it that you’re striving to achieve in the sport? What shall we look for from Mercedes KV in the months and years ahead?
M:  I strive to be the best! I want to be a name, when people think of good women wrestlers I want them to mention my name. I would love to start traveling to other states I haven't been to before for wrestling.  In the next couple of months and years I would love to go to Japan, Mexico and my ultimate goal is to be a WWE Diva.
DF:  Would you like to say anything to your fans, before we go?
 Thank you for all your love and support!  God Bless there will be many good things for Mercedes KV in the future.
Thanks for doing this interview, Mercedes.  You are one of the most exciting young workers on the New England scene today.  We look forward to seeing you in more rings against more different opponents in the months ahead.  All the best!
An early match for Mercedes KV


  1. Thanks for the early interview. You must be proud. All her dreams and aspirations are coming true. Hard work paid off and she has become a top superstar. A Legend in the making, Bank on it.

  2. Im reading this interview a week after her historic main event vs Bayley in the first ever female Ironman Match in the WWE. I will say Mercedes definitely made a name for herself and wrestling fans will remember her as being one of the best wrestlers in the business.

  3. I'm so happy to see her making it big now... She has the potential to go down as the best women's wrestler ever. Let's hope she gets the title at Mania this year!