Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mia Works PWS shows

Mia Yim had a busy Saturday in snowy New Jersey on February 9.  First she kicked off the Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling show v La Rosa Negra.  A first time matchup for both ladies.  It seemed to be a stiff match as Mia's bruised cheek illustrates.  Mia was originally scheduled to meet Santana, but she could not make it due to the weather.  In fact a busy wrestling weekend was thrown into chaos by the blizzard that affected the Northeast.  It should be noted that BLOW is the women's division of Pro Wrestling Syndicate.  Mia's match received very good reviews from the fans in attendance.

Mia faces off with La Rosa Negra
Feb 9, 2013 Quick Results
1.) Mia Yim defeated La Rosa Negra

2.) Amber O'Neal defeated Shelly Martinez  in a Bra & 
Panties Match

3.)  Awesome Kong defeated Amy Lee in a Falls Count 
Anywhere Match

4.)  Starman defeated Niki Nitro

5.)  Becky Bayless defeated Miss Adiva

6.)  Missy Sampson defeated Sienna Duvall, Katarina 
"Winter" Leigh, and Sumie Sakai in a 4 Way Elimination 
Match to become the first ever Bombsells Champion

Mia v La Rosa Negra at BLOW

the clutch

Mia sets her down

kick approach

Rosa strikes back

But it ends with the Sky Yim finish!

Rosa with a pose

Mia was scheduled to travel to Voorheis, NJ, for the CZW show in the evening.  She did not do that.  Perhaps the weather made her stay put in Metuchen.  Whatever the case, she was a surprise addition to the PWS sucidal 6-way match.  In typical Mia Yim style, she was the only woman in the contest.  Apparently the slugfest with Lucifer Darksyde was epic.  She also launched her moonsault to the outside -- a monumental spot that got "oooohs" from the crowd.  The full results for the "Thank You, Jerry" show are posted below:

Apollyon destroys Lance Anoa'i
Black Hollywood upsets Enhancement Talent

Bonesaw defeats Keith Miggs, Lucifer Darksyde, TDS-(The Drunken Swashbuckler), Mia Yim and Craven Varoikn a suicidal six way match

Danny Maff defeats Tony Nese
Kevin Matthews defeats Matt Hardy in a TLC Match to regain the PWS Title
Chris Payne pins Craig Steele
Alex Reynolds pins Star Man to win the PWS Tri-State Title
Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins, Phat Pack & The Big O defeat D-Struction & Seduction, Check Man & Devon Moore
Jerry Lynn pins Lance Storm in the Main Event

Photos by Scott Finkelstein:  

Mia enters wearing her Lucha Rios shirt

Mia won't back down . . .

. . . even from a monster!

"Come on!  Is that all you got!" 

Tough bitch! 

Oh, no! 

Head butt!!

Lucifer has had enough of Mia's impudence!

but Mia ain't done yet!

What?? Only two??

Mia scrambles away from the thunder kick

She boots him beyond the ropes

and lines up her penalty kick

moonsault to outside!!


Action continues outside the ring

Mia gives Lucifer some more

Kicking continues.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

MsChif defeats Mia Yim at ROH

Mia Yim executes a lionsault on MsChif at ROH, DuBurns Arena, Baltimore, MD
Photos by B. Ryan Schlazmo

They may be the only two women on the ROH roster now that Sara Del Rey has moved on to WWE, but Mia Yim and MsChif still put on a good show.  MsChif maintained her dominance over Mia Yim in ROH with a win in Baltimore last night.  Mia has been working on a new move -- a moonsault off the second rope called a "lionsault" -- and she used that last night against MsChif.  Unfortunately for Mia, MsChif survived that cover and unleashed her own standing moonsault on the prone Mia Yim.  Mia did succumb in the end as MsChif's ascendancy at ROH continues.

MsChif with a standing moonsault

Mia with raised knee to MsChif's face

Mia launches her Sky Yim finisher (MsChif already rolling out of the way though)

Here's an old RCW match featuring a 20-year old Mia Yim v MsChif v Daizee

Last night Mia sported her new maroon/black gear
Photo by Bliz Photography


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stardom Triple Tag

We are going to miss Yuzuki Aikawa after 4/29
All Photos by Resuner Yokoyama 

Stardom's chief draw, Yuzuki Aikawa, who has delivered one of the most successful model-become-wrestler career moves ever made, will call it quits on April 29 after Stardom's big Sumo Hall show.  She is sighting injuries among other things in her rationale for quitting the Stardom ring.  She will be missed.  Female fans admired her; male fans fantasized about her; and in the end she put an awful lot of butts in the Stardom seats over the past two years.  Enjoy these photos from the January 19 Stardom event.

Stardom "MATSUYAMA Wrestle☆Fest 2013"
January 19, 2013
Matsuyama City Multipurpose Community Center
380 fans

1. Kellie Skater defeated Yui Yokoo (05:38) with a Rolling Neckbreaker.
2. Portia Perez defeated Natsumi Showzuki (07:21) with a Running Kneel Kick.
3. Kyoko Kimura & Hailey Hatred defeated Yoshiko & Act Yasukawa (14:24) when Hailey used a Hurricane Driver on Yasukawa.
4. Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani defeated Natsuki☆Taiyo & Saki Kashima (12:09) when Shirai used a Mágica de Io on Kashima.
5. Yuzuki Aikawa Last Triumphant Return Match: Yuzuki Aikawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kairi Hojo defeated Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa & Eri Susa (16:53) when Aikawa used a Yuzupon Kick Blue on Susa.

Yuzuki Aikawa, Kairi Hojo, and Hiroyo Matsumoto

A cautious show of sportsmanship

Yuzuki sporting fiesta colored new gear

Double drop kicks from Eri Susa and Kairi Hojo
Exhibit A:  Why dojo training is so good!

 . . . and another angle . . .

Aikawa probing Susa with kicks

Aikawa swings and misses on Miho Wakizawa

Yuzuki Aikawa with full frontal assault on Miho

Nanae Takahashi hoists Kairi Hojo

Now Matsumoto hoists her teammate

Aikawa climbs the ladder

Yuzuki gets doubled teamed

Nanae catches the lethal kick

Water torture for Waki

Hiroyo taking a page out of Yuzuki's book

Yuzuki love to preen

Winds up for a neck breaker on Nanae

Hiroyo hurls Waki

Matsumoto charges Nanae's team

Yuzuki's powerful kick in Nanae's chest

Brutal German suplex

Hojo in the wrong hands

Aikawa gets a painful ride

Yuzuki bridges for the cover

Knockout blow!

Yuzuki always knows where the camera is

Aikawa's team is victorious