Friday, October 7, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Hiroyo Matsumoto v Madison Eagles

Hiroyo before her SHIMMER title shot
All Photos by David Falcon
Match-of-the-Day: October 8
Competitors: Hiroyo Matsumoto v Madison Eagles
Volume: 42 -- eleventh match (MAIN EVENT)
Time: 14:30
Finisher: Hellbound
Highlight: Awesome match foaming with intensity.  Stiff shots galore and a dozen near falls.  Joshi fans knew Hiroyo desrved a title shot and she vindicated herself well.  Madison again proves to be a solid champion.  Hellbound is a dynamite finisher -- thoroughly convincing!

Key: Match winner's name is in bold & italics
Match times are approximate and not official
PJ Drummond holds up the SHIMMER belt

Hiroyo punches Happy!

Madison goes to work

Madison in control

Who's got whom?

Madison sitting pretty?

Missile drop kick -- Ka - boom!!

Hiroyo sets Madison up for a backdrop

The final tangle . . . tango?

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