Sunday, October 23, 2011

Luke Matsuki's photos: Kana,Ishinriki vs Akebono, Yumi Ohka (DOSUKOI Pro)

Akebono is massive!!  I see why Ribera sponsors him!

Oct.21.2011 at DOSUKOI Pro the crowd enjoyed mixed tag action with Kana and Ishinriki taking on Akebono and Yumi Ohka.  Here are some photos from the incomparable Luke Matsuki!

The World Famous Kana!

Fabulous smile!

Kana launches against fellow SHIMMER star Yumi Ohka

As if to say, "Bring it on Akebono!"

Ankle lock on Yumi

Yumi has a lock of her own

Kana feels the pain

Kana:  Hard Style (great photo!)

Akebono strikes back!

Are you kidding me?  Damn!

Kana:  "Am I still alive?"

. . . my partner? . . . tag me!

Gasping for breath . . . wind knocked clear to Hudson Bay . . .

Yumi takes advantage . . .

Kana is stunned . . .

Kana feel the affects . . .

Kana always seems to enjoy this

Who says Kana is not athletic?

Kana with a leg submission on Yumi

Goliath and Li'l David

Focused on hard style

Kana in the crowd

Group photo after the match

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