Tuesday, September 13, 2011

REINA TAG Championship

The Canadian Ninjas
Photo by David Falcon

On September 23-24 REINA will stage an international tag tournament to determine its International Tag Team champions.  The federation is bringing in teams from Mexico, USA, and Canada to compete with their home grown Japanese team. 

Check out the REINA blog to view posters of the event  http://ameblo.jp/reina-corporation/

The four teams competing for the belt are as follows:

1) Japan:  Aki Kambayashi and Sa Ya

2) Canada:  The Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez)

3)  USA:  Sara Del Rey and Mia Yim

4) Mexico:  La Commandante and Zeuxis

Sara Del Rey and Mia will team this time

Interestingly the Japanese team seems to be the weakest of the four.  Perhaps because REINA gave their International Jr. Championship belt to a Joshi star, Ray, they are ready to give their tag belts to a non-Japanese team.  This would certainly make the federation seem less xenophobic and more international.  The Canadian Ninjas have the experience and tag coordination to get the job done.  Something in me holds back from endorsing them, though.  REINA has had very little commerce with Canada and I do not see them establishing a Canadian pipeline of talent to Japan the way they have done with Mexico.  I doubt the Ninjas will be willing to return regularly to defend their belts.  The USA team is more tantalizing, with the great Sara Del Rey teaming with young Mia Yim who is a favorite among fans who follow REINA.  SDR and Mia know one another very well as opponents, they have met in several East Coast promotions such as JAPW, RCW, and ACW (Maryland).  They have never worked as a tag team though.  It seems most likely that the Mexican team of la Commandante and Zeuxis will capture the belts.  They have the dominating big woman (Commandante) and the creative younger star in this way they match up well against the USA team.  In any case, I do not expect the REINA team of Kambayashi and SaYa to go very far in this tournament.  If they do win it will be even more shocking than the Japanese women's soccer team winning the World Cup (of course that did happen this year). 

La Commandante

Zeuxis hoisting Ray


The matches will happen at REINA 13-14 that will be staged on Friday, September 23, Saturday, September 24.  REINA 15 is scheduled for Sunday (Sept. 25) and has a main event of Sara Del Rey v Yumiko Hotta -- the battle of the badass bitches!  As long as Hotta has recovered fully from her knee surgery, that promises to be an epic battle and should be stiff as hell.

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