Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ACW Evolution of Revolution: Intergender Match: Mia Yim v ACH

ACH and Mia enjoying pre-match reparte

Last Sunday night in Austin, TX, Mia Yim made her second appearance for Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).  For only the second time in her career, Mia was booked against a male opponent (her first intergender booking was back in October of 2009 v Jean Jean Labon).  For the Mia-faithful, this was the first outdoor match of her career.  Mia has come a long way since October 2009 (only her second month as a pro).  Now she has been to Japan twice and has perfected an arsenal of devastating kicks, grips, and submissions.  When you practice with the boys, as Mia often does, you wish you could mix it up "for real" in the ring.  Mia got her chance at ACW (which for my money does the best intergender booking of any promotion in the country -- on par with CHIKARA).  In taking on pretty-boy and gossip-mouth ACH (much twitter twatter prior to the match), Mia knew she could go full out in the ring; she did not disappoint!  After nearly fifteen minutes of super stiff action, Mia succumbed to the more powerful ACH who seemed bouyant all evening on his home turf.

Here are some great action shots from the ACW website.  Check out all of their photos at http://www.texasanarchy.com/9_18_11_matches/11_9-18-11_page1.html

ACH has Mia in a headlock early on

Mia fights back

One of the best running-the-ropes shots of Mia . . . ever!

The spider lies in wait, in her web.

The stiff kick action spilled out of the ring!

Damn! The hard slams in this match were epic!

ACH ties Mia up

ACH with nice amplitude on this dive!

With Mia Yim, the kicks just keep on comin'!

K.I.D. Mia's new favorite submission, courtesy of Japan!

More big spots!  Ouch!

That'll knock some sense into you, boy!

ACH won -- but it felt more like co-victors!  Much respect!

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