Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Joshimania: Mayumi Ozaki!

A bloodied Ozaki with her entourage in OZ Academy

The great Mayumi Ozaki long time champion and stable leader of JWP and lately of OZ Academy will return to the USA for CHIKARA's Joshimania!  So far CHIKARA seems to be giving the oldest wine in joshi puroresu and uncorking here in the States.  You must say, so far their roster philosophy is different from Dave Prazak's in SHIMMER.  Joshimania is about RESPECT (as Aretha Franklin often reminds us).  And what the words means to CHIKARA is the grand olde guard gets a farewell tour -- like the Rolling Stones "last" tour.  Aja Kong, Manami Toyota, Command Bolshoi, Mayumi Ozaki have been marquee names in Joshi pro Wrestling since the late 1980's.  If you mean with physical acrobatics, strength, and stamina they are no longer at the top of the joshi ranks.  But as Saraya Knight reminded the crowd at SHIMMER this past March, it's not just about physical giftedness -- it's about attitude, personna, making the mic sizzle and the crowd spit.  These women -- and especially Ozaki, has that gift.  The last time she was in the States she busted Sumie Sakai wide open in a hard core match.  What will she do now?

Mayumi Ozaki takes on Yumi Ohka

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