Friday, September 9, 2011

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling: Mercedes KV Gallery

From Memphis, TN, Magnificent Ladies Wrestling brought together a large and diverse lineup of talent to stage custom matches for download on August 20.  Those are now available (  This was New England wrestler Mercedes KV's first forray into the midwest/south to wrestle.  She had three matches during the taping period.  Some of those photos are included in this gallery.

All photos are from Wrestling Wally.  Check out his full gallery on his website:

Mercedes KV puts hurt on Taylor Made

Mercedes KV has Taylor Made in a Boston Crab

MKV uses ropes to choke Taylor

MKV vs Portia Perez

MKV gets slammed by Portia

MKV with chinlock on Portia

Nikki Lane in control of Mercedes KV
Nikki puts pressure on MKV's lower back

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