Saturday, September 24, 2011

REINA 15 Photos

REINA 15 show on Saturday in Yokohama saw a bevy of great matches including Mia Yim defeating Aoi.  Also Sara Del Rey/Ray defeated Hotta/SaYa.  The Main Event and match of the night was the North American battle for the REINA tag belts where Mexico's team (Zeuxis/La Commandante) defeated Canada's Ninjas (Perez/Matthews) in an epic match.

Photos by Youji Kawauchi

Mia getting focused

Aoi Ishibashi is tougher than she appears

Mia is merciless

Aoi with a big dive on Mia

Mia said her pecs still hurt after these kicks

Mia Yim covers Aoi

The team of Sara Del Rey and just plain Ray :)

SDR works Hotta's injured leg

SaYa with chinlock on Ray

Two bruising women exchange blows

Sara Del Rey pins SaYa

A confident and relaxed team from Canada

Zeuxis with Missile drop kick

Spinning Portia

Zeuxis with full twisting plancha

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