Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prediction: Mia Yim will win TLW belt

Zeuxis and La Commandante:  REINA Tag Champs
Photos by Youji Kawauchi

REINA has had a big weekend of events beginning with their tag belt tournament on Friday that culminated on Saturday with the Mexican team of Zeuxis/La Commandante defeating the Canadian Ninjas. 

REINA has three belts and two have been awarded after major tournaments during the past two months. 

International Jr. Championship = Ray (Japan) -- defeated Zeuxis on Sept. 10.
Ray is International Jr. Champ

REINA Tag Championship = Zeuxis/La Commandante (Mexico) -- defeated Canadian Ninjas (Perez/Matthews)

La Commandante and Zeuxis deal with Nicole Matthews

REINA TLW belt = Mia Yim ?

Mia Yim ready to earn her belt

Aki Kambayashi (current holder) will defend against Mia Yim.  I predict that the increasingly popular Mia Yim will win her first belt and will do it in Japan -- a fairy tale ending for her.  If this happens today at REINA 16, then REINA will have established itself as the most international promotion in Japan with three belts in the hands of wrestlers from three nations Japan, Mexico, and USA.  Those nations have had the major representation in REINA and in that order (1) Japan (host nation of the promotion) (2) Mexico (co-host CMLL) and semi-permanent roster members like Silueta, Zeuxis, La Commandante, Dama de Hierro, and others are fixtures at every REINA event (3) USA with Mia Yim, Luscious Latasha, Sara del Rey, and others making trips to Japan.  Mia has been the most committed and the most improved.  It is time to reward her by seeing her win a belt.

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