Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amopola Retains CMLL title with 2-1 win over Ayumi Kurihara

CMLL Champion Amapola!

CMLL Champion Amapola retained her title during the REINA 13 event today (Sunday 9/18) in Japan.  She defeated Ayumi Kurihara in a best of three match to make sure the prestigious belt stays in Mexico.  Amapola won the first match; Ayumi got the second; and Amopola came back in an epic third match to win after the action had spilled outside the ring with both women unloading acrobatic high spots on the other.  REINA fans definitely got their money's worth watching these two marquee champions battle it out.

The photos are those of the incomparable Youji Kawauchi -- outstanding work as always, my friend!

Tommy holds the CMLL belt with champ and contender

Amapola puts pressure on Ayumi's arm

This looks like it will hurt

Ayumi is on Amapola's arm

Ayumi in an Irish Whip

Ayumi suckers the Mexican into an arm bar using the turnbuckle for leverage

Ayumi legs are on fire -- painful submission hold

Ayumi's famous missle drop kick

Amapola shows that two can play the drop kick game

Suplex City!

Amapola sets Ayumi up for her finisher

1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

Champion still!

REINA has a big weekend ahead as they run consecutive shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 23-25).  Friday and Saturday will see a big international tag tournament to award the REINA tag belts for the first time.  Sara del Rey and Mia Yim will fly in from USA, as will The Candanian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez) from "Our Home and Native Land" CANADA!  These teams will join a Mexican team already in Japan, Zeuxis and La Commandante as well as a Japanese team of SaYa and Aki Kambayashi.  Don't miss REINA 14, 15, and 16 next weekend!  Of course the Canadians and Americans will have to catch the next flight out of Narita in order to make it back for SHIMMER 41-44.  Joining them will be REINA regulars Hiroyo Matsumoto, Tomoka Nakagawa, Ayumi Kurihara, and Hailey Hatred.  Many are already panting with excitement for this SHIMMER weekend!

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