Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mia Yim Remains Belt-less

Aki Kambayashi defeats Mia Yim to keep her TLW title

Photo by Mr. Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima

Today in Osaka at REINA 16, Aki Kambayashi defended her TLW title against challenger Mia Yim.  After a long a passionate battle on both sides, Kambayashi retained her title and Mia Yim fails again to win her first wrestling strap.  I predicted it would be the other way, and was hoping Mia would join her friend Athena by bringing a shiny new (prestigious) belt to SHIMMER next weekend.  Oh well, Mia must soldier on filled with the faith that she is improving and the hope that a belt -- and for her, a Japanese belt -- will someday be earned in a hard fought match. Aki Kambayashi is a solid professional and passionate about defending her title on home turf.  It makes all the more powerful the accomplishment of Hailey Hatred to win the JWP strap and three others too!

Photos below by Nobuya Iwatsubo

Ref Tommy holds the TLW belt:  The Stakes

Mia settles in to a headlock on Kambayashi

Forearm Smash to Mia's face

Aki found a use for Mia's ponytail

Penalty kick sequence:  Mia eyes her target

Penalty Kick Sequence:  The approach

Penalty Kick Sequence:  The Follow through

Mia:  The Kick Machine

Aki rolls Mia up for the finish

Mia's dejected pose

Much respect between Mia and Aki

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  1. Do you happen to have any other photos from this show?