Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More ACW: New Joshi Champ, New Body Champ, Twatter Chumps

American Joshi Champion! ATHENA!!

Okay, so the ACW promo shots are out for their recent Evolution of the Revolution event last Sunday.  Let's start with the big news of the evening, Athena, in my opinion the top young wrestler in America today (on par with Nicole Matthews in Canada and Jessie McKay in Australia), won her first belt -- the American Joshi Championship (ACW).  She did it by defeating Lady Poison in a bone crushing match.

Then there is the amazing Rachael Summerlyn whose fitness transformation is nothing short of stunning!  I want her diet; I want her training routine; I want her abs.  For fun I will do a little "before and after" with the great Rachel Summerlyn.

Finally -- mugging for the camera -- the fun loving ACH and Mia Yim who enjoyed their intergender match and put on a great show for the fans. 

BEFORE:  Rachael hoists Ayako Hamada in JAPW event (Jan. 2010)
photo by David Falcon

AFTER:  What a difference (September 2011)

Mia and ACH

BFF?? Maybe not, but they're playing nice!

Mia Yim

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