Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mia Yim added to SHIMMER 41-44

Mia Yim @ SHIMMER 37-40
All photos by David Falcon

Mia Yim became the 27th wrestler added to the remarkable roster for SHIMMER 41-44 to be held at the Berwyn Eagles Club on October 1-2.  As many of her fans know, Mia has been spending more time in Japan than in USA recently and training with the REINA promotion.  SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak has promised that Mia would work in the singles category during these tapings rather than as part of a tag team.  That sets up some tantalizing match possibilites for the young college student.  Let's be realistic and rule out a title shot (Madison Eagles) or even a singles match against against Melissa, Mercedes, Kana, or Ayumi.  Though many would drool over a Mia Yim v Kana kickfest, it probably ain't gonna happen.  Mia has not yet earned that right in the SHIMMER world.

Hiroyo Matsumoto celebrates her SHIMMER Tag Championship

Athena rides Cheerleader Melissa

Here are some more realistic possibilities.  Dave Prazak has to be impressed with Mia's two REINA matches against Hiroyo Matsumoto.  It would make a lot of "SHIMMER-sense" to book those two in Berwyn.  They are a proven entity in Japan and produced two hard-hitting 12+ minute matches there that were crowd favorites.  Remember that without Ohata, Matsumoto will likely be wrestling singles as well.  Many, including me, have been dying to see Athena v Mia Yim in the Hussie-Tussel.  ACW had a chance to make this happen in June (and again on September 18), but they have booked Mia against other opponents.  Yim v Athena would be a memorable match against two up-and-coming stars with differing styles but complimentary stiffness.    Two other young stars who are in the panoply of goddesses at the top of the SHIMMER roster are Jessie McKay (Aus) and Nicole Matthews (Can).  I would love to see Mia have a shot at either of these great SHIMMER stars.  Mia has been in the ring with Hailey Hatred in Japan and they are good friends who have done some training together there.  It would not be out of the question to see Mia v Hailey, though I feel there are many American superstars (think Melissa and Merecedes and Ayako Hamada) who would love a shot at Hailey.  Yumi Ohka might also make a decent oponent for Mia since they understand the joshi hard style and have shared a number of opponents in Japan.

Jessie McKay with Joey Eastman

Nicole Matthews with Britani Knight and Joey Eastman

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