Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hollow's Pics of Yim v Kim in Force One

Hollow and Snap Mare published these pics of Friday's Force One match in New Jersey.  Check out all his pics at

Mia supporting her REINA tee!

Hayato penalty kick from the ring apron

Rope Chokin'

The submission hold -- but Kimber Lee won't give . . .

They take it to the mat

A big slam!


head butt!

forearm smash by Kimber Lee!

Mia smashes back!

enziguri by Mia

a pitched battle in the middle of the ring

Tae kwon Do -- Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do! -- Kim hears chin music

"Why won't this girl give up?!"

The distraction . . .

and the School Boy pin!

Mia "I shoulda known better . . "

Kimber Lee exults in sweet victory!

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