Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Luscious Latasha: Back Home and Victorious


Luscious Latasha took some time off after returning from 2+ months in Japan with the REINA promotion.  She was getting restless though and wanted to get back in the ring -- if for no other reason that to show off the new skills and new moves she learned in Japan.  What better place to take the ring than her old home promotion, Top Rope.  The Boston based promotion found a great opponent for Sunday's card, Alexxis!  It took Mercedes Martinez 73 minutes to beat the fiesty Boston Shore queen earlier this summer in WSU, but Luscious Latasha beat her far more quickly.

Here are some photos from their match last Sunday afternoon.

Photos by Keith Mueller

Alexis offers a test-of-strength challenge

the action gets heated

Latasha shows her raw power

Alexxis on top

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