Friday, September 23, 2011

REINA Tag Championship is a North American Battle -- with no USA

The Canadian Ninjas' Japanese Debut:  Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews

Of the two semifinals today for the new REINA tag belts, the result that was least surprising was the Mexican team (Zeuxis/La Commandante) over the Japanese team (Kambayashi/SaYa).  The tougher match to call was the Canadian Ninjas (Perez/Matthews) vs Sara Del Rey/Mia Yim (USA team).  It was only harder to call because of the prestige of SDR and the popularity of Mia Yim.  In the end, the right thing happened -- the Ninja's won.  You do not bring a team to Japan for the first time -- perhaps the most famous tag team in women's wrestling -- and not get them through to the final.  So the Ninjas advance after about a ten minute match with their Funky Cold Medina finisher -- Matthews' german suplex on Yim.  Enjoy the wonderful photos of Youji Kawauchi.  Tomorrow the Ninjas will face a daunting Mexican team.  I give the edge to the Mexicans, though I expect a 20-minute war.  It's refreshing to have a North American wrestling event that does NOT feature the USA.  Well done, REINA!
All photos by Youji Kawauchi

Mia seems to enjoy watching Sara work on Portia

Nicole Matthews tastes a Yim stiff kick

Portia works on Mia

SDR with a boot for Portia

 . . . and another kind of boot

Mia with a running knee to Nicole's face

Nicole returns the favor with a missile drop kick


Nicole Matthews finishes Mia with a German suplex

The Ninja's celebrate their victory

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