Saturday, September 10, 2011

REINA 12: Ray is Int'l Jr. Champ

REINA 12 was staged today at Friends Hall East in Tokyo.  Bell time was 7:00PM.  The main event was the 2 of 3 falls match for the International Jr. title.  The bout featured Mexican star Zeuxis and Joshi star Ray.

What's at stake?  the REINA-CMLL belt!

 All photos by Aoikougei


1.  Tomoko Morii over SaYa (7:15)

2.  Leon over Lady Afrodita (8:42)

3.  Hotta/Micro over Matsumoto/Ariya (13:18)

4.  Kurihara/Kambayashi over La Commandante/Dama de hierro (15:53)

REINA-CMLL International Jr. Championship:  2 out of 3 falls; unlimited time per bout.

5.  (a)  Ray over Zeuxis (6:21)
     (b)  Zeuxis over Ray (no time given)
     (c)  Ray over Zeuxis (10:39) with Single Sky Twister

Note:  It was announced that Sara Del Rey, the Canadian Ninjas, and Mia Yim will return to REINA for September 23-25 (REINA 15-17).

Leon with backbreaker on Lady Afrodita

Ayumi and Aki

Kambayashi wrenches Dama's hair

Ayumi airborne

Acrobatic Ray

high wire act!

Zeuxis with a backbreaker

Ray with big air!

REINA-CMLL International Jr. Champ!

Check out some match video!

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