Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Detailed Info on REINA Tag Tourney

Thanks to Youji Kawauchi we now have more detailed information on the matchups for September 23-24 and the REINA Tag Tournament.  We also have some big matches announced for Sunday, September 25, besides the epic and thunderous battle between SDR and REINA Boss Hotta, we have just learned that Mia Yim will have another title shot in REINA, this time for the TLW belt against Aki Kambayashi.  Is it possible that Mia will be bringing her own belt to SHIMMER on October 1?

Aki Kambayashi with her TLW belt
Please note that there are new teams announced but they are not in the tournament:  Hotta/Kimura and Amapola/Lady Afrodita.  At the moment I would say that La Commandante/Zeuxis is the clear winner of match A.  Match B is much more difficult to predict, but I would have to say that the Ninjas will prevail.  That would set up a Saturday championship between a Mexican and Canadian team.  I would expect the Mexicans to win that (CMLL team).  It is really about Hotta and her booking desires.  If she wants to set up a preview of her Sunday singles match with SDR, then she will have the Ninja's beat the Americans, that will set up Hotta/SaYa v SDR/Yim.  If she wants her own shot at the Ninjas, then the Americans will win on Friday which would mean she and SaYa would face the Ninja's on Saturday.  Either way the final will be great!  La Commandante and Zeuxis v SDR and Yim or La Commandante/Zeuxis v the Ninjas -- it should be fun!  Either way, I predict the Mexicans will win the tag belts.

Poster for REINA 15 on Sunday, Sept. 25

The match-ups of REINA during September 23rd to 25th have announced. More match-ups will be added.
Sep.23rd at Tokyo
1.Amapola,Lady Afrodita vs. Yumiko Hotta,Kyoko Kimura
2.Sara del Rey,Mia Yim vs. Nicole Matthews,Portia Perez (match B)
3.Aki Kambayashi,Saya vs. La Comandante,Zeuxis (match A)

Sep.24th at Yokohama
1.Aki Kambayashi vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Lady Afrodita (Triple threat match)
2.Yumiko Hotta,Saya vs. Loser of match B
3.Tomoka Nakagawa,Kyoko Kimura vs. Amapola,Dama de Hierro
4.Winner of match A vs. Winner of match B

Sep.25th at Osaka
1.Apple Miyuki,Aoi Ishibashi vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru,Lady Afrodita
2.Hiroyo Matsumoto,Saya vs. Nicole Matthews,Portia Perez
3.La Comandante,Kyoko Kimura vs. Zeuxis,Dama de Hierro.
4.Aki Kambayashi vs. Mia Yim (TLW championship)
5.Yumiko Hotta vs. Sara del Rey

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