Sunday, September 18, 2011

ATHENA is the new Joshi Champ of ACW!

So it appears that the outrageously talented Athena will be bringing a title belt to SHIMMER after all!  Tonight in Austin, TX, she defeated Lady Poison for the Joshi title of ACW.  On this same show, Mia Yim battle ACH in an intergender match.

Here is a little photo essay of Athena, the Wrestling Goddess, courtesy of the ACW Website photographers.
Check out their work at 

Can you hear this, or do I need to turn it up?

(By the way, no one wears gear like Athena -- I love, love, love her gear!)

WTF! that hurts!

Take that!

Spilled Poison

Queen Supreme!



Boot to MsChif

Suplex on Amanda Fox

Landing on 10,000 thumb tacks

Hussies Beware!

Falcon's Joshi Blog would like to wish Athena well as she returns to SHIMMER as the brightest young star in that Shimmering Constellation that descends upon Berwyn IL twice a year.

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