Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inter-Promotional Flash Tournament: October 27, Korakuen Hall

All major Joshi Promotions are involved in the Sendai Sponsored Flash Tournament at Korakuen Hall next month.

K-Hall tourney Bracket


 A. JWP vs. Prowrestling WAVE

 B. Ice Ribbon vs. Sendai Girls

C. REINA vs. Stardom

 D. Diana vs. Freelance


 Winner of A vs. Winner of B

 Winner of C vs. Winner of D

It's a little unclear as to exactly how this exciting tournament will be structured (reminiscent of the old Grand Prix Tournaments that brought AJW, JWP, and LLPW together in the early 1990's).  It appears that each promotion will put forward a predetermined number of wrestlers from its stable to take on workers from the other promotion in their bracket.  It's still unclear whether this will be all singles matches or if tag teams will also work.  Above you will see the brackets for the first round.  It appears that promotional teams will advance and not merely individuals.  Some of the potential match-ups with this format are tantalizing.  I suppose the LLPW and OZ wrestlers that qualify will work under the "free" banner.  Mia Yim intends to return to Japan to be a part of the REINA roster for this event. 

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