Saturday, September 17, 2011

CMLL Title on the Line at REINA 12: Amapola v Ayumi

Amapola arrives at Narita and prepares to defend her CMLL title tomorrow

The close association between Japan and Mexico continues in the REINA promotion.  On Sunday, September 18, CMLL Champ Amapola will defend her title belt against the Joshi sweetheart of Lucha Libre -- Ayumi Kurihara.  As you may know, Ayumi has traveled to Mexico at least three times to particpate in CMLL events and has wrestled most of the Mexican big names like Amapola and Marcella as well as expatriate Japanese living in Mexico like Mima Shimoda and Hiroka.

Ayumi with a diving clothesline on Amapola in a CMLL tag event in Mexico

At REINA 1, back on May 8, CMLL held an all-Mexican chapionship bout in Japan:  Amapola v Marcella.  Amapola retained her title and has continued to do so  in Mexico as well.  This will be the second CMLL title match held in Japan and this time against a woman who is arguably the most well-loved woman wrestler in the world (again scheduled to make her fourth USA appearance in SHIMMER in two weeks) -- Ayumi Kurihara.  By my count Ayumi has yet to wrestle in Australia and Europe, but when she does she will have hit all the major women's wrestling nations/continents.  Good luck, Ayumi!

Poster for the REINA-staged CMLL title bout

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