Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WSU WAR GAMES: Midwest Militia is Armed

Mercedes is thrust out of the cage by Sassy Stephie

All Photos by David Falcon

It was billed as a co-main event (because Melina was on the card), but everyone knew that the WSU v Midwest Militia War Games was the REAL main event.  The tweets of JHavok spoke of "death" -- "someone is going to die."  It sounded down, serious.  From the end of the Meet & Greet when the two stables scrapped with each other, to the promos leading up to the match -- blood and death were in the air.  Suspense was build even further during the 30-minute break while the cage was being assembled.  Mercedes Martinez lead the WSU team into the cage.  At two-minute intervals, Brittney Savage and Alicia entered.  The Militia was waiting impatiently for them.  Jessika Havok, Allysin Kay, and Sassy Stephie (Ohio girls all) were ready for war.  Indeed they seemed to have been born with camoflauge diapers in a chain link crib -- they were born to this violence.  Enjoy the photos, all seen through the screen of the cage.  I was so shocked by the ending that I dropped my camera and failed to get any machete shots.  Amy Lee, the ref, was neutralized early on as she was handcuffed to the lower rope -- not that War "rules" can ever be enforced anyway.  The Militia found a shocking was to get the WSU team to say "I give up."

Mercedes with Game Face on

Mercedes ascendant over Stephie

Stephie and Allysin with a double boot to Mercedes' throat

Stephie chokes Mercedes

Stephie boots Brit in the back

Mercedes works over Allysin

Brit stampedes against Stephie in the corner

. . . she brings viscious double knees

Stephie claws at Brit's face

Not the facelift that Brit wanted . . .

Jessicka works Brit over

Havok has Brit off the ring floor

Alicia in charge against Stephie

Mercedes climbing back in

Allysin handcuffs Amy Lee to the ropes

Brit works over Stephie

Alicia punishes a bloody Havok

Bloody Havok dishes dirt on Amy Lee

Havok with machete raised against Mercedes

Midwest Militia with a fan

Amy Lee separating the Militia from the WSU team pre-show

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