Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Cheers for Davina Rose

Davina Rose covered by Mercedes Martinez

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One of the many bright spots in the SHIMMER tapings of last month was the SHIMMER debut of West Coast prodigy, Davina Rose.  SHIMMER great Serena Deeb has taken an interest in Davina's career and she obviously pushed her with Dave Prazak (it's not often that a young talent gets to bypass SPARKLE and go directly to the big show).  The good news is that Davina Rose doesn't need much of a push; her skills speak for themselves.  She acquitted herself well in the ring against some SHIMMER mainstays like Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Matthews, and Portia Perez (the latter two as part of a burgeoning feud between Serena and Portia -- between the Canadian Ninjas and Deeb/Rose).  Davina definitely came to learn and came to compete -- in short, she came with the right attitude.  She stood up under the hot SHIMMER lights (scrutiny of Dave Prazak, the fans, and the most talented lockerroom in women's wrestling).

I wish Davina Rose the best as she continues to wrestle in her home state of California and hopefully gets invited back to SHIMMER next March 17-18.  Here are some photos to celebrate her historic SHIMMER debut.

Volume 41:  Davina Rose v Mercedes Martinez
Mercedes pounding Davina Rose

Mercedes doles out more punishment


Davina Rose getting tossed like a rag doll

Mercedes likes to close the deal with her Fisherman Buster

Volume 42:  Davina Rose v Portia Perez

Portia roughing up Davina Rose

Davina shows some offense too!

Davina is in trouble!

Portia with a crossface for the win

Serena roars in to Davina's rescue

Serena later battled Nicole Matthews

Davina joined the maylay to rescue Serena at the end

Volume 43:  Daina Rose v Nicole Matthews

Davina Rose on high

Davina had Nicole in trouble at the start of their match

Corner exchange

Corner Velocity (nice abs, girl!)

Davina off the top in a big spot

Volume 44:  Davina Rose v Kellie "Rate Tank" Skater
Davina Rose tangling with Kellie Skater

Kellie on the move

Kellie on the attack

Davina is succumbing to the onslaught

Eventually The "Rate Tank" is victorious 

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