Saturday, November 5, 2011

SHIMMER SHOTS -- Previously Unfeatured Matches

These are some action shots from matches that have not been featured on my blog.  Enjoy!

All Photos by David Falcon

Where it all happens!

Semi-annual epic struggle for the heart of Santa Claus: 
Red Man v Green Man!!

The Erstwhile Tag Champs:  Tomoka & Daizee

Ayumi's uranage on Tomoka

Ashley Lane makes a surprise appearance

. . . and gets roughed up by Fellow Buckeye State babe, Neveah

Britani Knight over Melissa

Portia tortures Jessie McKay

Saraya v Allison Danger in British "Rounds" Match

Leva Bates comforts Allison

Kana with SMASH title belt

Christina von Eerie smashes Melissa

Christina's punk power!

Jett Riley and Buggy Nova

LuFisto v Maja Svennson

Leva Bates and Sassy Stephie

Allison Dangers works Stephie's arm

Skater attacks Hiroyo

. . . okay . . . but please don't steal her flag!

Hiroyo won't stand for your nasty flag-stealing!

Nikki Roxx twists Courtney's arm

Courtney gets to the rope

Tomoka chokes MsChif -- heelishness in green and black!

MsChif prepares to break Tomoka's back!

Veda Scott with upper hand on Taylor Made

They battle in the corner

Now Taylor is in control

Chritina von Eerie, MsChif, Leva Bates, and Allison Danger prepare to battle
Jessie Brook, She nay Nay, Melanie Cruise, and Mena Libra

Sara dominates Courtney Rush

More of the same . . .

Mercedes v Athena (Part 2)

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