Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Alexxis Nevaeh

WSU ran a phenomenal show last Friday, Breaking Barriers 2, and one of the stars of the show was young Alexis Nevaeh -- already in the history books for having the longest match in history against Mercedes Martinez last August 6 at WSU.  This time she kicked off the show as a part of The Boston Shore and successfully defended the tag belts (with partner Amber) against Rain/Jetta the International Home Wrecking Crew.  Here are some of my photos from that opening match.  (later in the show she was appointed by Amy Lee to battle Melina instead of the injured Serena -- but more on that in a future blog entry).

All Photos by David Falcon

Lexis gets ready for action with partner Amber

Alexis tangles with Rain

Now Rain has the upper hand

Jetta takes over against Lexis

Rain is back in charge

Lexis uses the ropes effectively

Lexis bides her time on the outside while Amber wrestles

Action spills outside the ring . . .

Lexis is back in control

Lexis helps the cause

The Champs defend their belts!

Later I will share Alexis Nevaeh v Melina match photos!
Here's a taste/tease:

Alexis gets up a head of steam against Melina (doing the splits, of course)

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