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David Falcon Interviews Davina Rose

Davina Rose smashes Nicole Matthews

All photos by David Falcon (except yearbook photo)

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One of the hottest young talents on the West Coast made her pilgrimage to The Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL, seven weeks ago to be a part of SHIMMER Volumes 41-44.  She is Big Time Wrestling's own Davina Rose of Newark, California.  Davina is 5'7" but can't weigh much more than 110 lbs.  Despite her wiry frame, she has great wrestling technique and is fearless when it comes to taking on bigger and badder opponents.  She certainly got that opportunity at SHIMMER as she faced some of the best in the business including Nicole Matthews and Mercedes Martinez.  I know you will enjoy reading Davina's thorough and transparent answers to the questions asked.  THANK YOU, Davina!

DF:  When did you know you wanted to be a wrestler?

DR:  I knew I wanted to be a wrestler shortly after I started watching when I was 8 yrs old and I saw Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. His style inside and outside of the ring was so appealing to me and it looked like he was having so much fun on TV I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. From then on I was like any other fan. No joke, I would buy everything in sight of wrestling (well, my parents did!) toys, shirts, necklaces, blankets, belts, posters, magazines, etc. Everyone at school knew me as the girl who loved wrestling. I went to all the WWF shows and made my Dad drive me out to all the autograph sessions in our area. My younger brother and I would even make our own wrestling shows in our living room, it was called WFK- Wrestling For Kids. And we had my sister as the camera girl/announcer/backstage interviewer.

DF:  When and where did you start your training?

DR:  I started training when I was 18 yrs old. I started out with (and am still with) Big Time Wrestling promoted by Kirk White out of Northern California with Jason Styles as my head trainer. I’ve been going to the BTW shows since I was 12 so there was no doubt where I wanted to start my career.

DF:  Tell us about your family -- how many siblings do you have?  How did your family respond when they learned you wanted to be a pro wrestler?

DR:  I was raised by both my Mom and Dad who are now divorced and I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. My Dad has always been the biggest supporter of me since day one, so has my brother. As for my sisters and especially my Mom I don’t think they ever thought I would actually do it. I knew my Mom thought it was a phase until the day I actually started training. But now she loves it!
Sophomore Davina Rose #15 (back row left) in H.S. yearbook - Varsity Basketball

DF:  Were you athletic in high school? What sports did you play?

DR:  Yes I was very athletic in both Middle School (basketball, volleyball, soccer and track) and High school (basketball, track and cross country). Basketball was always my favorite and what I took most serious (I even made the Varsity team as a Sophomore). My basketball Coach was very strict with us for our best interests so she made me do cross country and track during our off-season to keep us in shape. I hated the idea of it but I’m so happy I did do it. I miss high school sports so much.

DF:  Tell us how you met Serena Deeb and how she became your mentor?

DR:  I met Serena at Big Time Wrestling’s 14th anniversary show in October of 2010. My promoter Kirk White brought her in and had us as a tag team against Buggy Nova and Jessica James. That’s still one of my favorite matches; it was an honor teaming with her. Just standing on the apron watching her in person was so inspirational. The next day Serena had an autograph signing which me and one of my other trainers took her to and we spent most of the day together, which really helped us get to know each other. And since then she has been willing to help me out in any way she can.  She was very open-hearted and generous to me without me even asking.

Serena Deeb at SHIMMER

DF:  Tell us about your debut match with BTW.  What did you feel before you came through the curtain?  What do you remember from that match?

DR:  My debut match was in September of 2008. I teamed up with Shane Ballard and took on Melissa Coates and Shannon Ballard. The night before my match, I couldn’t sleep at all. Leading up to it I was so nervous that the day I’ve been waiting for  7 years was actually here, and once our music hit and I was behind the curtain I remember telling myself “what the hell are you doing?” I admit, once I walked out and heard my friends and family I got really teary eyed but it was an amazing feeling that can’t be explained unless you experience it yourself. I had so much fun and I remember the next day when I woke up I seriously thought it was all a dream.

DF:  What is a typical training day for you like?

DR:  We train for 2 hours twice a week, every week. Depending on if we have new students and whatnot we normally do basic warm-ups; rolls, shoulder rolls, hit the ropes and then we start off with basic spots and lead into different exercises throughout the night. Aside from training in the ring, I stay active during the week.

DF:  What has been the highlight match or rivalry of your young career in BTW and PWD in California?

DR:  I have quite a few matches that come off the top of my head and I feel proud of and of course would be the one with Serena. Also, my match from BTW’s last Wrestle fest of 2011 where I teamed with Sara Del Rey against Amber O’neil and Sassy Stephanie. And then there’s a match where I teamed with Shane Kody against Shannon Ballard and Buggy…that match was great because Shane Kody knows how to get the crowd so interactive and loud and it was just awesome to know that the crowd was feeling what we were feeling. Once again it’s just a feeling you can’t explain.

DF:  How did you get a berth into the SHIMMER main show without going into SPARKLE?

DR:  Honestly, I have no idea that I was going to be a part of the main show until maybe a couple weeks before. When I first contacted them and was invited to come, I was told I’d be a part of SPARKLE and I was so excited for the opportunity. But as time went on, I guess they felt I needed to get in there and help out my mentor Serena Deeb J

A concerned Davina Rose attends to Serena

DF:  What was the highlight of your SHIMMER weekend in the ring?  You faced some big names like Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez -- even Kellie Skater?

DR:  I loved all of my matches so much. The one with Mercedes meant a lot to me because when I asked Serena a year prior who was her favorite person to work with, Mercedes was at the top of that list- and now I know why. Portia Perez was great to work with because I never really get to work with anyone smaller than me (size wise not muscles, she’s pretty buff!) and especially because Serena was watching ringside. And the one of Skater was so fun, she just has so much character and the crowd loves it so it was so fun to react to everything she did. But I would say my match with Nicole Matthews was my favorite. I think we had a really good aggressive and entertaining match, and I’ve heard great feedback on that match alone.

DF:  What was your impression of the SHIMMER experience -- fans, locker room, after party, and Shimnanigans?

DR:  I just want to say, SHIMMER was better than I ever could have imagined. I’ve watched so many SHIMMER matches that even being in that building had me in awe. The fans are amazing, they remind me of the Japanese fans and they’re a lot different than what I’m used to. They were very respectful during the show and even more at the after party to where they would clap for everyone who was part of the show that would walk into the restaurant. (Including the new people and the camera man!) They even make gifts for all the was just great to see their appreciation for everything SHIMMER does. The locker room was very intimidating to me, but that was until I walked in and met all the girls. In wrestling you never know how people are going to be or treat you but I’m happy to say that those are some of the coolest most down to earth, funniest women I have ever met. All of them from the beginning of the card to the end, they all treated everyone equally and was so willing to help anyone out.

Davina Rose battling with Nicole Matthews

DF:  You were asked to develop a feud between the Canadian Ninjas and Davina/Serena.  How do you feel about taking the mic and developing "heat" or "drama" in a wrestling performance?  Serena is one of the best in the world at promos and on the mic; is she mentoring you along these lines?

DR:  The more I get into a feud I feel comfortable in how I go about dealing with them. So with the Canadian Ninjas I was a little nervous because it was my first time out there and I know what they’re capable of but I had Serena by my side so I knew I’d be okay. And although I didn’t have a chance to actually get on the mic, Serena is very helpful in that category as well.

DF:  Do you have the goal that most women in wrestling have -- to work for WWE or TNA?

DR:  Of course! Since I was a kid I wanted to be in the WWE. As I started wrestling though, and now that I understand it and see the women in the two businesses, I think I would feel more comfortable and fit in more with the TNA Knockouts. But, everyone wants a Wrestlemania moment, you know? J

DF:  If you want to stay in the indies, do you have any desire to wrestle in Mexico or Japan for significant periods of time (3-months or more)?  If so, which country attracts you most, and why?

DR:  I would have no problem staying indies but yes I want to get out there more. I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot lately and I’m going to get more serious about trying to get work in Japan and Mexico. As for going somewhere for periods of time, my first choice would be Canada. I’ve been wanting to go there and train for a while now…I just love their style, it’s a lot different than over here. There are so many great wrestlers that come from Canada and I would love to have that training experience under my belt. So that’s first on my list and will hopefully be doing that sometime next year.

DF:  What would you hope to gain from this travel, training and competition?

DR:  Knowledge of a different style, like chain wrestling so I can be more diverse in my matches. I want to get a feel of being in a different environment and other peoples point of views and critiques.

DF:  You did not get to face any of the Japanese wrestlers at SHIMMER.  Which wrestler from Japan would you most want to face, and why?

DR:  All the Japanese women are amazing at SHIMMER but I can’t honestly choose one. I try to watch as much Joshi wrestling as possible but I’m still not very familiar with it so I won’t feel right choosing one…sooooo…I’ll take any of them!

DF:  What non-Japanese wrestler at SHIMMER would you most like to face in the future?

DR:  My mentor, Serena Deeb. No need to explain myself.

Davina getting tossed by Mercedes Martinez

DF:  Have you ever participated in or considered being involved in a hardcore match?  Where do you draw the line in a hardcore match?

DR:  I’ve never participated in a hardcore match, nor do I think I ever will. Although I was hit and pinned with a cowbell by Shannon Ballard in my match with Shane Kody. I’d question why anyone would want a hardcore women's match; but if it’s somewhere worthy like SHIMMER, then sure, why not?

DF:  What is most important attitude for a young wrestler to have when they begin to have some success in the business?


Give us your thoughts about the following people:

Sara Del Rey- The best in the world. Somebody who has the same mindset I had going into this business.

Sara Del Rey

Awesome Kong- Surprisingly the sweetest person you can ever meet. She was super helpful on giving me feedback after our match. Definitely somebody you want to surround yourself with, she always had a smile on her face.

Christina Von Eerie- Someone I can relate to with us being the same age and starting in the same area. I’m so proud of her with all her success and I think it’s awesome that she’s really making a name for herself starting in Mexico and now in TNA. I really hope we can one day wrestle against each other again now that I’ve been doing it a little longer.
Christina von Eerie

Buggy- We have a love/hate relationship. We have had some competitive matches, but for the most part we get along great outside the ring. I would say I’ve spent the most time with her on the road and inside a ring out of anyone else I’ve worked with.

Canadian Ninjas- Took over the tag-team division, and we love to hate them.

Portia Perez battles Serena atop a table

DF:  Where do you see yourself ten years from now? 

DR:  In ten years I first of all hope to be happily married with maybe a kid or two. As far as wrestling goes, I don’t know where it’s going to take me but if I was good and healthy then hopefully I’d still be around whether it be in the ring or helping out young wrestlers.

DF:  When do you see yourself retiring from wrestling?  What circumstances would lead you to hang up your boots?

DR:  That’s really hard to answer right now being so young in my career; I don’t even want to think about that. It really depends where it takes me or how far I get then I’d manage that with age and everything and figure it out from there I guess.

DF:  Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your life in wrestling.  Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?  Best of luck this winter!

DR:  To anybody taking the time to read this, thank you. If any of you want to contact me, I don’t have twitter and I don’t have a Fan page on Facebook but feel free to email me at Whether it be about bookings, training, questions, etc…I will gladly answer. You fans seriously make our world go round and we appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you DAVID FALCON!

DF:  Thank YOU, Davina Rose!

Davina Rose greets the SHIMMER crowd

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