Friday, November 11, 2011

Booty Shorts #2

Posted 5/1/12

Hardcore Fashion Wardrobe:  Mia and Marti choose denim Daisy Dukes and Trace knee pads for TLC or Uncensored Rules matches
photos by David Falcon

Mia v Greg Excellent @ Aerial Assault (CZW 3/10)

Marti being choked by Tina (WSU 4/28)

Marti is ready to rock

Since the last booty shorts tribute to Mia Yim, she has come out with a new set of gear (black & yellow trim).  Her old gear may be fitting her in a new way.  So it's time to check out the booty shorts ring fashion of REINA and SHIMMER mid-carder, Mia Yim.

Photos 1-7 below are by David Falcon

Yim's new gear (Vol 41) designed by Daizee Haze

Green gear in 3-way match (Vol 42)

(Vol 42)

Mia's streamer colored gear: turquoise and white (Vol 43)

Side-laced design that Mia prefers

Mia with her partner Ashley Lane (Vol. 44)

Mia organizing her merchandise at SHIMMER

Photos below by Mr. Kawauchi, Mr. Kashima, and Mr. Iwatsubo are of REINA events in Japan

Mia brings attitude to match v Sa Ya

Mia v Aki Kambayashi

She wore the black & red gear v Canadian Ninjas

Mia v Portia/Ninjas

Luscious Latasha putting screws to Mia Yim

Daizee's new design -- keeps with Mia's theme

Mia at Merchadise Table

Mia v Kimber Lee @ Force One
Photos by ___

Rematch v Hiroyo

side lacing

Somehow it works

These shorts have been sold on e-bay

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