Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Taste of WSU

WSU J-Cup Tournament (updated 4/30/12)
1st Taping

Here are some photos from the Double WSU taping on Saturday, April 28.
All photos by David Falcon

Marti Belle puts her "street" on in Uncensored Rules match w/ Tina

Marti brings the boot to Tina

Action spills outside the ring with belts and chairs for weapons

Tina drags Marti into the crowd

They battle on . . .

Blows are exchanged

Marti uses the stiletto heel on Tina

Tina puts Marti through a door

. . . and the finish

Marti takes the loss

Marti Belle is helped from the ring

Alexxis with upper hand on Alicia

Sassy Stephie works over Luscious Latasha

Latasha with a flying head scissors on Allysin Kay

Allysin Kay with arm submission on Luscious Latasha

Latasha in a Midwest Militia sandwich

Athena continues to excel at WSU events

Here she goes toe to toe with Britney Savage in the J-Cup Final


Athena with a submission move

Athena seems to enjoy bringing Britney pain

Britney comes alive with a lariat on Athena

Athena endures Boston Crab and gets to the ropes

This is how Athena deals with a Hussy!

Athena pours on the pain

. . . but Britney wins the J-Cup

Jessicka with some chin music for Mercedes

Jessicka Havok has Mercedes Martinez in a vulnerable position

Mercedes Martinez v Jessicka Havok

Mercedes delivers a slap to the face of Havok

Jessicka with a boot on Mercedes' chin

Mercedes regains her beloved WSU world title

Below are photos from Breaking Barriers II

Lexus gets down and dirty with Rain

All photos by David Falcon

I'm still not sure how it happened, but WSU ended up on Long Island for their big Breaking Barriers II show at the Deer Park Sportorium.  They were headlining a double Main Event with Melina's first non-WWE match (Serena was injured so a mystery opponent was announced tonight), and the War Games cage match between WSU's Mercedes, Alicia, and Brittany going up against The Midwest Militia (Jessika Havok, Allisyn Kay, and Sassie Stephie).  They drew a good crowd and the matches were a lot of fun.

Here is a sampling of my photos from the event.  I will post more and break things down in future days and weeks.


1) Boston Shore (Lexxus/Amber) defeated Rain/Jetta [Boston Shore defends their WSU Tag Belts]

2) Jennifer Cruz defeats Niya [Stipulation:  Loser leaves WSU]

3) April Hunter defeats Jennifer Cruz

4) Four Corners Match:  Nikki Syx (Winner*), Bonesaw Jessie Brooks, Gabby Gilbert, and Violet

5) #1 Contenders Match:  Soul Sisters (Luscious Latasha/Jana) defeated The Belle Saints (Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio) [Belle Saints again imploded with in-fighting that derailed their chances].

6) Becky Bayless defeated Boy Diva Rick Cataldo

7) Melina defeated Lexxus (Serena was unable to compete due to a concussion)

8) WAR GAMES:  Midwest Militia (Havok, Kay, and Stephie) defeated WSU Team (Mercedes, Alicia, and Brittany Savage)

Lexus again in control of Rain

Lexus has a plan for Rain

Boston Shore beat on Rain

Niya v Jennifer Cruz

Niya in disbelief after her loss

April Hunter with a suplex on Jennifer Cruz

Victorious April Hunter

Marti Belle makes her entrance

Tina riding Latasha

Marti and Jana with some acrobatic moves

Luscious Latasha

Jana with a K.I.D. submission on Marti

Soul Sisters are the #1 Contender

Boy Diva Rick roughing up Becky Bayliss

Melina with a shoulder block on Lexxus

Melina driving her feet through Lexxus' midsection

Lexxus chokes Melina

Stephie puts hurt on Brittany Savage

Brittany charges the helpless Sassy Stephie

Stephie's boot pushes Mercedes out of the cage

Alicia with the bloodied Jessika Havok

More photos to come later . . .

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