Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yuzuki Aikawa's Anniversary Show (One Year in Ring)

Yuzuki Aikawa's debut poster from October 29, 2010

Tokyo's 1st Ring Kiba was packed with a crowd of 325 people today for the 1st year anniversary show of Stardom's idol phenom Yuzuki Aikawa.  It does seem implausible how much she has accomplished in a single year.  She has the Stardom Jr. belt (over Biko) and has become one of the most popular young wrestlers in Joshi Puroresu.  All this after the wrestling media in Japan gave her very little chance of proving good in that she adapted from being a bikini model and an teen idol pop star to a bona fide wrestler with an impressive striking arsenal -- especially her leathal high kicks.

Yuzuki before she entered wrestling

Mr. Youji Kawauchi was in attendance and took outstanding photos (as he always does) of the exciting tag match that marked the anniversary show.

Match:  Nanae Takahashi/Hiroyo Matsumoto v Syuri/Yuzuki Aikawa

Time:  23:43

Finisher:  Nanae with a Northern Lights Suplex on Yuzuki

Photos below by Mr. Youji Kawauchi
the face off

Yuzuki with the early control

Nanae turns the tables on Yuzuki

Syuri and Hiroyo take a turn

. . . then they regroup

Hiroyo with a big cross-body block

Nanae with a chokehold on Syuri

Now Nane puts pressure on Aikawa's leg

Syuri unleashes on Nanae

Syuri with her trademarked high knee strike

Now Syuri has Nane in a chokehold

Hiroyo on the attack

Syuri with an arm submission

Yuzuki with a drop kick on Hiroyo

Hiroyo ducks the double strikes of Syuri and Yuzuki

Yuzuki in control over Hiroyo

. . . but now Hiroyo drops double knees on Aikawa

Nanae with a back drop on Yuzuki

The youngsters attack Nanae

Yuzuki Aikawa's patented high kick

Nanae with her finisher

. . . and the cover . . . 1. . .2. . .3!

Syuri checks on her vanquished partner

Stardom leader Nanae bestows a bouquet on the Anniversary Girl!

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