Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cheerleader Melissa v Makoto from Taipei, Taiwan

2011 Puroresu Love in Taiwan (an AJPW event)

Here are some shots from the AJPW 6-person intergender tag team match at National Taiwan University Gymnastic Hall in Tapei.  Supposedly today's match and tomorrow's singles match between Melissa and Makoto are the first women's matches on Taiwanese soil -- ever!  From the look of the crowd in the gym, women's wrestling could have a bright future in Taiwan.  Certainly Makoto -- with her massive idol following -- has a bright future there.

More photos can be found on Makoto's fan page!/media/set/?set=a.312188632128786.93684.276597402354576&type=1

Makoto plays to the crowd

All eyes were on Makoto
(I'm sure Melissa is not used to playing second fiddle)

(all the men in the gym wish they were the ref!)

Things get heated
(as they did at yesterday's press conference)

The acrobatic Makoto

They lock up again . . .

Best sense of the big crowd in this shot

Makoto's team is victorious!

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