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Mia Yim Shines in CZW

Mia executes the moonsault at New Heights

Mia Yim's Stock is on the rise at CZW 
New Heights -- July 15, 2012
All photos by Lyle C. Williams

In the mid-summer just past, Mia Yim showed up in an 8-person "Scramble at CZW's New Heights.  She was the only female of the eight wrestlers in the ring:  Joe Gacy, Mia Yim, Ruckus, Dustin Rayz, Latin Dragon, Niles Young, Rory Mondo, & Drew Gulak. Mia took some wicked bumps in this match, but more importantly her in-ring ability was the showcase of the match.  I broke down the minutes each wrestler spent in the ring during the 15:00 match.  Mia more than doubled the time of her nearest opponent; she logged in 8:26, over half the overall match time.  Her nearest opponent in terms of ring time was Joe Gacy who logged in 4:06 and won the match with a huge splash on Mia from the top rope.  Mia used virtually her whole arsenal of moves including her moonsault to the outside.  But much more impressively, in my opinion, she took some outrageous bumps.  All the top ranked wrestlers in the world came take as well as they give.  Think of Manami Toyota and Megumi Kudo -- Mia is one of those.  Think of Sara Del Rey in CHIKARA against the men.  These are the great wrestlers!  It was said of Mohammed Ali that he could take a punch better than anyone.  The fact that CZW wanted Mia to dominate the ring time in a match with 7 fine male wrestlers, tells you just how highly they think of rising star, Mia Yim!

Mia unloads a kick on Mondo

Joe Gacy with a massive splash on Mia

Nov. 2011

2012 Update on the Greg Excellent v Mia Yim feud at CZW.  Intergender action closed out the Asylum Arena as Greg Excellent battled Mia Yim for a second time in 60 days during their Excellent Adventure match.  Greg was again the victor.

Mia puts Greg Excellent in a K.I.D. submission hold @ Excellent Adventure (1/14/12)
photo: Snap Mare

Greg Excellent finishes Mia with a pile driver (1/14/12)
photo: Snap Mare

Mia Yim locks Greg Excellent in a K.I.D.

Mia Yim has been picking up several intergender matches this year.  Visionary promotions like CHIKARA have developed wrestling stables where men and women compete on equal footing.  Sara Del Rey has taken on men like Claudio Castagnoli and Mike Quakenbush in recent weeks.  Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Texas is another promotion that has taken these matches seriously as Rachel Summerlyn, Lady Poison, Athena, and others have battled men in singles matches.  SMASH in Japan is also beginning to take feature intergender matches as Kana as battled Tajiri and others.

While Mia Yim has participated in a number of intergender tag matches with JAPW and ACW (Maryland) with male tag partners like Southside Playaz Club and D-Line, she has rarely had intergender singles matches.  There is no question that Mia has a great frame (5'7" and roughly 150 lbs) to battle the boys.  she can take a good hit and also pack pop into her punches and kicks.  With a new highspot arsenal, Mia can also bring some dramatic fireworks inside and outside the ring with dives on to the men.  At the same time men are more able to receive and cushion such dives, so Mia is likely to use more of her entertaining move set in these matches. 

This fall Mia has had two intergender matches and hopes to have more on the horizon.  In September she traveled to Texas to battle ACH at ACW.  Yesterday, she took on Greg Excellent in CZW.  Both matches went longer than ten minutes and took a huge physical toll on Mia.  Greg is a much larger man than ACH and so the margin for error was thinner.  Nevertheless the matches received great reviews. 

Mia Yim battles ACH in Texas

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