Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hiroyo Matsumoto v Aja Kong

One of my favorite Hiroyo protraits (Photo: Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima)

In what seemed to be a beautiful November day on the streets of Tokyo various promotions and freelancers came together to promote wrestling with a free exhibition.  DIANA was there with their whole stable and some male wrestlers as well.  The marquee women's matchup was Hiroyo Matsumoto v the great Aja Kong.  JOSHIMANIA fans are in a virtual frenzy with less than a month to go before seeing Aja Kong on US soil for her opening match -- recently announced -- against Sara Del Rey in Philadelphia on December 2.  I cannot wait!

Here are some photos of today's event by talented Joshi Puroresu photographer Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima.

Hiroyo makes her entrance

Aja gets exorcised

Hiroyo takes one on the chin

The Power of Kong!

. . . more humiliation for Hiroyo at the hand of Aja Kong . . .

Hiroyo gets dumped on her head

Hiroyo with a missle drop kick

Aja with a diving elbow off the top! Yikes!

Needless to say, that ended Hiroyo's afternoon

Victorious Aja Kong!

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