Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ALEXIS NEVAEH: A Revelation at WSU

WSU has seen something that few other companies outside of New England have seen -- that Alexis Nevaeh, often just called Lexis, rocks the ring both physically and psychologically.  Attitude?  She's got it with an edge! Looks? She is stunning!  On the mic?  She is superb!  This girl has a huge upside.  WSU has recognized this and given her a marquee match up with Mercedes Martinez that became the longest match in women's wrestling history -- 73 minutes!  At last Saturday's show in Deer Park, NY, she was in the opening tag-team match -- a successful title defense.  Then later in the show she drew Commissioner Amy Lee's vote for Melina's mystery opponent.  The match was good -- she did not disappoint.

When will SHIMMER ask Lexis to come to travel to Berwyn?  What about others -- even TNA or WWE?  For my money, I hope she stays in the indies and rises to a level where a CHIKARA would be interested.  But until then, WSU has cornered this lucrative talent!

Photos by David Falcon

Alexis has a grip on Rain in WSU tag match

Alexis pursues Melina at a Breaking Barriers 2 Main Event

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